These Ten Costumes from Who Fest Will Make Your Monday Magical (Photos)

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All photos by Mike Brooks
While Dallas was fixated on one 50th anniversary, fans of Dr. Who were busy with another entirely over at WhoFest.

The sold-out fan convention ran for three-days in Addison, giving local Whoheads a chance to rub costumed elbows and geek out together. Every iteration of the good Doctor was represented, along with his dutiful companions. We sent photographer Mike Brooks to capture the scene in photos and he came back with a collection that spans time, space and galaxy. Here's our ten favorites.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fought Crime, Ate Pizza in Deep Ellum Last Night (Photos)

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At Serious Pizza, naturally.

Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shuffled awkwardly through Deep Ellum last night. They posed for photos in front of the neighborhood's iconic murals, searched out crime along its back alleys and pulled out their signature fighting moves inside Serious Pizza.

Everywhere they ventured, pedestrians cheered.

The turtle suits were all made by Derick Winsett. The ongoing project spanned about two years and involved building original casts, then molding the shapes out of high quality silicone. You can see documentation of his work here. Photographer Jacob King wore Winsett's early prototype of Michelangelo last year for Halloween and helped repay the favor by assisting in the painting of this newer orange model and lending hands to some logistical issues (weapons, harnesses, belt and pads). Winsett went on to complete his cast. Now that the series is wrapped, the friends took the turtles out for a spin on the town, with Winsett adjusting his costumes while King caught the magic on film.

All of these turtles are hand-painted, use special studio-quality eyes and are collectively worth about $20,000.

Interestingly Winsett doesn't have a background in costume-building. He works at his family's construction company and says making these half-shell crime fighters was a creative outlet. When I asked King why he took on the project he shrugged and said "Why not? I really like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

However these turtle suits found their way into this world I think we can all agree that Dallas is a much more magical place because they exist.

Here are some candids of the crew on their Deep Ellum stake out.

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Our Ten Favorite Costumes from Comic-Con Fan Days! (Photos)

All photos by Ed Steele
Remember back when they called our generation lazy and unimaginative? Well, whatever awesome parent dressed their daughter as David Bowie from Labyrinth for Comic-Con Fan Days just proved all of them haters wrong!

Over the weekend thousands piled into the Irving Convention Center for a little facetime with sci-fi, magical world celebrity super heroes. And man, those visiting guest must have felt underdressed because our fanboys and fangirls flipped the costuming to warp speed.

We sent photographer Ed Steele to find the very best outfits and boy did he deliver. Picking our ten favorites was no easy task, so see the entire photo roll on our Observer Slideshow.

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(NSFW) Nerd Alert: The Five Best Video Game Themed Burlesque Pics from Naughty Bits

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All photos by Ed Steele

The coin world princesses of Viva Dallas Burlesque! stripped down to their eight bits last weekend at a gaming themed spectacular. All the babes were there: Mortal Kombat, Duckhunt (with more estrogen, natch), Dr. Mario, Skyrim, Princess Peach, Ms. Pac Man and others fought for the crowd's affections. Since the costumes were so great, we're showing our favorite pics of the gals before the pasties come out. (Don't panic, you can see it all on the slideshow.)

Here they are: The Five Best Costumes from Naughty Bits.

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(NSFW) Our Five Favorite Photos from Saturday's DFW Sisters Pool Party

Photos by Amanda Potter
Last Saturday the DFW Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence hosted their fourth annual Sister Pool Party benefiting LifeWalk and Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS. Here are some of our favorite shots from the event, and you can check out the full slideshow here.

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Our Top 10 Favorite Photos from July


From concerts and pool parties to ballgames and delicious food, it seems there was something for everybody in Dallas this past month. Here are 10 of our favorite shots from July. You can check out the entire slideshow here.

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69 Badass Cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con

Rob Inderrieden

San Diego Comic-Con is a lot of things to a lot of people. You can bemoan the commercialization and curse the movie studios, but while you're doing that, be sure to appreciate the magic of thousands upon thousands of super-fans dressing up as their favorite characters for no other reason than because it's fantastically fun.

Where else are you going to see Marty McFly hanging out with the Joker, Thor, Tank Girl, Snow White, Chun-Li and Deadmau5 Spider-Man?

Here we present 69 (dudes!) of our favorite cosplayers...

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5 Great Costumes from the Screw Attack Gaming Convention

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Photo by Stephen Masker

Last weekend's Screw Attack Gaming Convention was a massive celebration of video game culture, but that didn't stop cosplay and costume die hards from showing off their best work. One man even diligently patrolled the event with an epically large 20-sided die perched on his shoulder, like a D&D-playing Atlas.

As photographer Stephen Masker moved from console to cabinet, he paused to snap photos of the most elaborate outfits. Here's our five favorites.

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Five Photos of People Staring Passionately at Video Games

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5 Photos of People Staring Passionately at Video Games

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Photo by Stephen Masker

Screw Attack Gaming Convention occupied the downtown Dallas Hyatt last weekend, filling multiple floors with big name panel discussions, a showroom for indie game demos and more contests than you can shake an ancient Triforce at.

It was a pure celebration of gaming culture, and we sent photographer Stephen Masker to capture the joystick intensity through photos. Here's our five favorites.

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The Best of A-Kon 24 (Photos)

Photos by Catherine Downes
This past weekend, tens of thousands of anime fans from across the country assembled at the Hilton Anantole for the 24th A-Kon convention. Here are a few of our favorite shots from the event. Make sure to check out the full slideshow here.

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