And Now, Some Adorable Pups from Sunday's Pooch Parade

Catherine Downes
Each year, pups gather at Lee Park for the annual Pooch Parade (part of the Easter in the Park extravaganza). Here are a handful of dogs from the event, that we find especially adorable. You can check out the entire slideshow here.

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The Top 10 Dogs of the Icepocalypse

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Mattie fucking loves golf, you guys.

The icepocalypse is seemingly on its way out. While it was no joke for a lot of people, for some it was an excuse to frolic in the ice with their confused pets, some of whom seemed deeply unsure about the sudden white coating everything had received. We asked Twitter to send us photos of befuddled mutts.

See. We're no liars.

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So Many Photos of Dogs in Costumes, from The Ticket's Dogtoberfest

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Saturday morning's temperature drop and scattered showers couldn't keep hundreds of costumed dogs or their P1 owners home. Fort Worth's new Coyote Drive-In movie park and patio hosted 1310 The Ticket's annual Dogtoberfest, the Marconi Award-winning sport station's annual celebration of the "good good puppy dog."

In addition to impressive demonstrations by Southlake-based training company K-9 Direction and goody bags from a variety of participants, pets and their owners competed in a Look-a-like Contest, Stupid Pet Tricks and the Doggie Costume Contest. Familiar Ticket voices such as Norm Hitzges, Bob Sturm and Mike Rhyner led the contests and floated around the crowd, greeting all the good puppy dogs and judging the contests.

And now for some pictures of adorable dogs and the humans who pet them:


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Here Are Some Adorable Photos of Dallas Mutts for National Mutts Day

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July 31 is National Mutts Day, and to honor the lovable and sometimes mangy critters we put together a slideshow of some of our favorite Dallas mutts. You can check out the full slideshow here.

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Adorable Alert: Ten Great Pictures of Dogs, from Dog Bowl 2013

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dog bowl1.jpeg
All photos by Bianca Montes
One afternoon a year, Dallas hands over the keys to the Cotton Bowl, permitting the space to transform into a massive dog park. At Dog Bowl, every canine want is met: there are kiddie pools for soaking, vendors handing out healthy treats, and hundreds of wagging tails, all waiting to be sniffed. Yes, it's adorable.

We sent photographer Bianca Montes to scratch many bellies and capture the afternoon in photos. She did both. And now, to start your Monday morning off properly, here's our ten favorites from her collection of Dog Bowl 2013 pictures. (Can't get enough? No problem. See the entire slideshow here.)

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Here Are the Most Adorable Animals from Fair Park's Holiday Pet Expo, Because Why Not?

Over the weekend, area cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, rodents and horses flocked, mostly chaperoned, to the Automobile Building in Fair Park for the Holiday Pet Expo. We were there to capture the adorable chaos, and have put together a list of some of our favorite critters. You can view the full slideshow here.

See also: The Vintagemobile Guy is Selling 3,000 Christmas Sweaters, Has Amazing Commercial to Prove It

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The Pet Expo: Where You Can Get Your Pet's Photo Taken with Santa

Photo courtesy of the Holiday Pet Expo
Tomorrow, area ankle biters, on two legs or four (including dogs, cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, and children), can get their photo taken with Santa at the Holiday Pet Expo in Fair Park. The event includes a ton of retailers, an obstacle course for dogs, costume and talent contests, pet adoptions and most importantly, candid photos with Kriss Kringle. It's free and will take place from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the Automobile Building in Fair Park.

Also, before dressing your fur-child up in his holiday best, make sure to check out the expo's rules as listed on the press release:

  • Your pet must be current on all shots or you should plan to have your pet's immunizations updated at the event (the immunization requirement only applies to dogs, cats and ferrets).
  • Dogs must be on a fixed lead or a locked retractable lead, no longer than 6 feet, at all times.
  • No female pets in heat can attend.
  • You'll be required to sign a pet waiver at the entrance, but you can avoid waiting in line by visiting the Holiday Pet Expo website.
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Pet Profiles: Meet Lucy, Mr. Sandwiches and Pretty Bird of Dolly Python

Categories: Pets in Photos

Pretty Bird gives Brian a smoocharoo.
Our pet profiles series celebrates those supportive (and adorable) friends who round out the homes of notable members of the Dallas community.

Names: Lucy, 7-year-old chocolate lab. Mr. Sandwiches 3-year-old terrier. Pretty Bird (Richard), 15(ish)-year-old parrot.
Owners: Gretchen Bell and Brian Green (Dolly Python).
Likes: Lucy loves other dogs. Mr. Sandwiches likes to be held like a baby. Pretty Bird likes Gretchen and Brian.
Dislikes: Lucy doesn't like to be left alone. Mr. Sandwiches hates small children. Pretty Bird doesn't like anybody who isn't Brian or Gretchen.

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Top 5 Photos Of Adorable Pups From Sunday's Dog Bowl

Catherine Downes

Hundreds of pooches dragged their owners out to Fair Park on Sunday afternoon for the annual Dog Bowl, an event that converts the historic Cotton Bowl into a giant dog park for one afternoon. Here's a look at some of our favorite pups from the event, stay tuned for a slideshow to come.

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Meet Robb Conover's Studio Cats: Picasso, Vincent and Salvador

Categories: Pets in Photos

Our pet profiles series celebrates those supportive (and adorable) friends who round out the homes of notable members of the Dallas community.

Names: Picasso, Vincent and Salvador are brothers. Their mom was a stray cat, she had the litter in the art studio they now call home. Picasso is a long-haired tabby, Vincent is a short-haired tabby and Salvador is grey.
Owner: Artist, Robb Conover.
Likes: Sitting in the windowsill while it rains, being held, Barbie dolls and watching Robb paint.
Dislikes: Any loud noises, especially thunder.

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