Inflate Your Bike Tires and Your Spirits at Continental Bridge Grand Opening Sunday

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Check out that view.

We don't actually know if you will be able to inflate your bike tires at Trinity River Revel this Sunday, but you can definitely bike to the party. Talk of the Trinity River tollroad has completely overshadowed the other exciting developments taking place along Dallas' measly water feature. Put talk of that expensive road behind you, because the only thing getting taxed this weekend are your quads when you bike to the party at Large Marge's new neighbor, the Continental Avenue Pedestrian bridge (let's just pick a nickname now. Howsabout Connie?).

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DogFit Dallas' Art Ortiz Aims to Build a Better Dog-Human Relationship

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Photo courtesy of Art Ortiz
Art Ortiz walks his pack downtown.
"Dogs should live in a world where we the human beings create balance and harmony," says Art Ortiz, owner of DogFit Dallas. "Humans complicate things because we're so emotional, because we're intellectual. We think about the past, we think about the future. But we don't spend much time living in the present, like a dog does." According to DogFit Dallas' website, the company is "Downtown's premiere dog walking, running and fitness service." And while the dogs are certainly walked, it's about more than that. "I offer a social experience," Ortiz says, who walks up to 10 dogs at a time. "Not only are they being walked, but they get to interact with other dogs."

For someone so passionate about dogs, DogFit came about almost on accident. After working in the corporate world for 10 years, Ortiz wanted a change. He wanted to help people. So he became a firefighter. But the gig was short lived when he failed his EMT test. While working random jobs to pay the bills, he realized he really wanted a dog. Over time, one dog turned to three, and Ortiz was the proud owner of a small terrier-mix pack. He started to notice people's reactions when he would take the trio out for a walk and posted on Facebook about it. "Why do people think I'm a dog walker 'cause I have three dogs?" he posted on his wall. That's when a friend of his suggested that he do it for a living, and Ortiz took the suggestion and ran with it.

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Uptown Ciclovía Offers Cyclists a Chance to Ride, Eat and Celebrate without Fear of SUVs

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Gaston Hinostroza
Organizers of the first Uptown Ciclovía visited the popular Los Angeles version of the event for tips on how it's done.
Name the most walkable or bikeable city. GO!

No shocker if Dallas wasn't your first pick. At least not yet. We may be a veritable metropolis of sprawling-sprawl-McSprawl and super-sized suburbs, but we have efforts like The Better Block Project, the Dallas Bike Plan and other short-term events to create an outdoor community, including a new one, the inaugural Uptown Ciclovía this Monday

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., a one-mile stretch of Cedar Springs Road will be de-automobiled to create a walkable, rollable, strollerable, rideable path connecting the Katy Trail to Klyde Warren Park. Joseph Pitchford, chairman of the Uptown Ciclovía Steering Committee (a group of 20 mostly volunteers) and board member of Uptown Dallas Inc., told us via email the idea for the event "first surfaced over two years ago" as a way to "commemorate the improvements along Cedar Springs Road in Uptown."

"Uptown is a beautiful, walkable neighborhood that offers something for everyone, so we were inspired to share that with all of Dallas," Pitchford said. 'We also think the idea of creating a better long-term connection between The Katy Trail and Klyde Warren Park is worth more exploration."

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FootGolf Is a Thing, and It's Actually Fun, Despite the Fact That It Contains the Word "Golf"

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Danny Gallagher
Andrew Ross tries to putt a soccer ball in a 21.5-inch-wide hole without uttering a phrase that would make the baby Jesus cry at the Lake Park Golf Club in Lewisville.
Golf is an infuriating sport. Prostate exams and unexpected pregnancies are the only two things on this Earth that can draw more curse words from a man's vocabulary.

Soccer looks like it might be exhilarating to play if you can run 10 miles in two hours without wondering if you need visit an emergency room. That's out of the question for me thanks to my love for alcohol, red meat and moving only in order to get those two things.

The latest recreational sports trend has combined the two into something called "FootGolf," a golf-style game that's not a sequel to the derp-filled fest that was the movie BASEketball. In the vein of disc golf, it replaces the tiny white ball and bag of expensive clubs with a soccer ball and your good kicking leg.

The Lake Park Golf Club in Lewisville is the first in Dallas/Fort Worth to offer a nine-hole golf course with holes for both FootGolf and regular golf. Sean Swanberg, the club's general manager, said the sport first gained traction in California and slowly started to move east as more players started bringing soccer balls to local golf courses with the necessary 21.5-inch-wide cups.

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DTOX Davies Hosts Graffiti Tours in Deep Ellum


The Mavs championship mural in Deep Ellum, dog portraits in the Bark Park, the mammoth geisha in Chino Chinatown, the patio wall at Bryan Street Tavern: His work surrounds you and you might not even notice. Jerod DTOX Davies is one of three brothers whose artistic endeavors are visible on street corners and in shops throughout Dallas. They're muralists, aka street artists, and they're changing the way you look at the city, one building at a time.

Davies and his brothers paint together as a small crew that goes by the name 3of1. He points out the numerical signature to me when I meet him in front of the Mavs mural in Deep Ellum.

"Want to know something?" he asks, a grin spreading across his face. "While we were doing this one, the trophy was right across the street. People would be driving by watching us work, then look across the street and see the trophy. Almost caused a few car wrecks."

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The Road to Sochi Tour Will Let You Ride a Bobsled or Luge Without Losing Your Lunch

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Photo courtesy of The U.S. Army
This could be you minus all the screaming to God and wetting of pants.

Riding a luge or a bobsled must be exhilarating if you could somehow control your natural reaction to scream and lose control of your basic bodily functions. A new Winter Olympic experience tour will let you do just that, and you won't need to pack an extra pair of underpants to do it.

The Road to Sochi Tour will make a stop in Dallas this weekend at Klyde Warren Park. The experience is free and open to the public from 5-9 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Sunday.

The experience will include simulations and exhibits of 10 Winter Olympic events. Attendees can get their picture taken on a bobsled and in an "in flight" ski jump positioned in front of a virtual track. They can also try their hand at Winter Olympic events such as a biathlon measured with step counting ergometers, a cross-country skiing course on roller skis used by athletes to train during the non-winter months and a roller street luge. The event will also feature a hockey slap shot competition for both the traditional standup and sled hockey events that will keep track of the day's top scorers and fastest shooters. Local Olympians like five-time Olympic long track speedskating champion Chad Hedrick of Spring and 2004 all-around gold medal gymnastics winner Carly Patterson will also make an appearance.

Charming Portraits of People With Their Bicycles at the Dallas Tweed Ride

All photos by Danny Hurley

Tweed is an oddly versatile textile. Tug the stuff on and assume all kinds of mothballed personalities, from tuppence-snatching chimney sweeps to classy bootleggers and warbly penny farthing operators. It all works, and it's all fun.

Each year those scamp cyclists at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff celebrate the throw-back fiber with a themed ride. The 2013 event launched Saturday afternoon from the Grassy Knoll and closed in pinkies-up drinking. It was a chilly day, but tweed is like, super warm, so we can happily report that all survived.

We sent photographer Danny Hurley to capture their adventure in photos. Here's our ten favorites.

All photos by Danny Hurley

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Here Are 16 Photos of Kids Biffing it at the Klyde Warren Park Skating Rink

Photos by Catherine Downes
As you've no doubt heard, a new "ice rink" opened at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas on Friday. Instead of ice, this 32-by-100-foot rink is made of several giant interlocking sheets of a synthetic skating surface called "Super-Glide" that fit together like puzzle pieces. Visitors with their own skates can use the rink for free. Otherwise, skate rentals cost $5 on weekdays and $10 on weekends. We arrived on Sunday afternoon, ready to capture some lunges and camel spins on camera. What transpired, while (arguably) equally entertaining, was a little bit different.

"This isn't ice," one little girl dressed in a cute, sparkly outfit yelled to her mother. "This is plastic!" Her mom, one of the few adults venturing out on the "ice" said that the surface offered more resistance than traditional rinks. So rather than gliding, inexperienced skaters kind of plopped and hobbled around. This could explain why so many kids spent more time on their butts than on their feet.

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Four Icy Activities You Can Do When the Streets Aren't So Icy

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The roads are covered with slick ice and have turned the entire Dallas/Fort Worth traffic populace into n deadly Ice Capades. That means we're all stuck indoors snuggling under blankets while filling up on blood-warming carbohydrates and brain-blanketing alcoholic beverages. When the snow melts and you can actually drive in public without worrying about raising your car insurance premiums, you'll need to find something more active to do in the cold weather to work off all those calories besides digging your car out of a slush filled ditch.

There are several ways to get active when the temperature drops to colder than average, some of which you can also do and see all year round.

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10 Dallas Holiday Dates for Freaks, Weirdos and Outcasts

Photo by Danny Hurley
Aren't you curious who's going on "traditional" holiday dates? A Christmas Carol isn't sexy. Nobody gets laid after The Nutcracker. And who wants to drive through holiday lights together? All of the traffic really impedes the drinking and making out and hand-jays, which are your primary goals.

Don't wait until the crap holiday programming melts away to ask someone out. This is Dallas: For every boring, wholesome surface event you see on Guidelive, there's a dozen freaky things happening underground. That's where we come in.

Let the Observer be your eggnog-spiking wingman with these 10 holiday dates, custom-built for godless hornball weirdos like you.

1. Get Stoned and Visit the George W. Bush Presidential Center. (Attempt to Buy a Christmas Ornament, Get Denied.)
Warning: DO NOT go to the Bush Center sober. That's a rookie move, reserved for people in sweater sets and sensible shoes. For this date you'll both show up goofballed out of your minds and dressed crazy. Then you'll awkwardly pay entry from your Coinstar sock.

That's your right as an American.

The crown jewel of this outing isn't the formal presidential splendor, it's locating Dubya's holiday ornament, a true work of craftsmanship selling for the oh, so reasonable price of $29.95.

Since your eyes will be redder than Georgie's cardinal, expect friction from security. Especially when you insist on paying in nickles.


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