Things to Do in Dallas When You're Bored. All of Them Legal.

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"I've got a great ambition to die from exhaustion rather than boredom"
-- Thomas Carlyle

What our Scottish philosopher friend is trying to say is that instead of being bored you need to be out there making the most of life instead of being that person no one wants to hang out with because you don't do anything. So, in an effort to save you from a life of being shunned, we're giving you 10 things to do in Dallas to save you from boredom, things that will get you out out of those sweatpants and out on the town. (Please, please change out of those sweatpants before you head out your door.)

Gaston Bazaar
Tacos + custom tattoo shops + boot stores + A FREAKING LUCHA LIBRE SHOW EVERY SUNDAY = How could you ever possibly be bored when this wonderful slice of culture exists. Bonus: The wrestling of the Luchadores is often hilarious, and you can score some pretty sweet deals on jeans and custom boots if you can remember any of your high school Spanish. (3035 N. Buckner Blvd.)

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Top 10 Apps for Dallasites

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Robert Hensley
Now go treat yoou self.

The brand new, sparkling iPhone 6 just rolled out, and in honor of its appearance, we've compiled a list of the top apps your Dallas dwelling just a little bit easier.

Between sports teams, arts district and more fairs and festivals than you can count, Dallas is a hell of a city in which to live or frequent. We're here to make sure that notorious Texas weather, pesky transportation woes, and scheduling conflicts don't get in the way of you enjoying everything this city has to offer.

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25 Signs It's (Sort of) Fall in Dallas

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Pumpkins = Fall

You noticed. Something about last week felt different. That's cause it's fall, you dummy. Here are 25 signs of the new season.

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10 Best Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops in Dallas

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Savvy shoppers are always on the hunt for a good deal. Trust fund babies and lottery winners aside, stylish thrifters know to head to vintage shops when they're looking for champagne flutes on a beer glass budget.

Still, as the "vintage" trend continues to explode, there are a number of so-called "shops"that function as dumping sites for people's old junk. Experienced thrifters may learn to love the search for treasure, but no one wants to sort through piles of ratty, outdated clothing and racks of chipped dishware. Thankfully, Dallas has a number of vintage and thrift stores that put a lot of thought into curating interesting collections from their secondhand offerings. These are ten of the best.

Lula B's
2639 Main St; 1010 N Riverfront Blvd
Lula B's gets a lot of credit for their selection of furniture, mostly mid-century, but this thrift-store-slash-antique-mall has so much more to offer. Spend a little time going through the piles of costume jewelry and stacks of old postcards that vendors use mostly as decoration for their bigger wares. That being said, I did score an old Herman Miller desk chair there for less than $100, so you shouldn't skip out on the furniture bargains either.

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10 Dallas Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

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Chances are, you have a smart phone, and considering the fact that Instagram has over 200 million monthly users, you probably have one of those too. But with that many people using what is essentially a global photo album you might have a hard time avoiding the awkward side of Instagram.

Blurry selfies, black frames and an seemingly endless amount of unappetizing food photos are around every corner. So we decided to help you skip the Internet equivalent of that one photo your mom has of you from when you were a baby, (you know, the one where you're naked and somehow got a hold of a stick of butter?) and move straight to the good stuff. We gathered ten of the most creative, artistic and down right odd, local instagram acounts.
So let's skip through those first few years of puberty and head straight to senior prom!

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Best Hidden Places in Texas for Road-Trippin'

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Photo by dherrera_96 via flickr
By Angelica Leicht, courtesy of the Houston Press.

Oh, there's so much to see in Texas. From the white sands of the coastal shores to the deep canyons on down, our state has so much to offer.

And while everyone knows about some of our more national attractions -- Big Bend, South Padre Island and so on -- this is an enormous state, covering 268,820 square miles of land. With girth like that, there are bound to be a number of hidden gems in Texas that are just itching to be explored.

So if you're still busy planning out a summer vacation, perhaps you should eschew the typical and head for the hills -- of the Hill Country, perhaps -- or one of the many other places on this list, to find yourself a real adventure, Texas-style.

Here are the best hidden places to road-trip in Texas. Saddle up, y'all, but leave the spurs at home.

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10 Signs That Your Relationship Is Probably Over In Dallas

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"Let's play Hide & Never Date Me Again."

You're about to go on a date in Dallas. Things haven't been great lately, and you're not sure if this is the end or not.

Here are 10 signs that your Dallas relationship might be headed in the "it's over" direction.

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10 Things You'll Miss About Dallas If You Move to Austin

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Austin's skyline never looked this good from a DC9 at night.

The time has come for you to break up with Dallas. You've felt trapped in this relationship for years, and it's not getting any better. We understand. There's no need to tell us that it's not Dallas, it's you. We know better. You're leaving Dallas for Austin, the younger, edgier girl you met at a rock concert. It's whatever, man.

Austin is a beautiful place with a gorgeous lake, kickass coffee shops, awesome bike paths and some of the best experimental theater in the state. But the city also has terrible traffic, a bat infestation, and overcrowded music festivals that turn the entire city into a tourist trap several times a year. Just so you don't think it's going to be rainbows and butterflies, we've complied this list of things you'll miss about Dallas.

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6 Best Bike Shops in Dallas (Or Nearby)

Bicycles Plus on Facebook
Most anyone who can ride on two wheels can tell you their favorite bike shop. In prepping and shopping for this weekend's big Bike MS: Sam's Club Round-Up Ride (aka, the MS 150), it seems I've heard raves about almost every one -- from tiny hipster outlets to big stores with enough flow to sponsor big rides. Some shops fully lived up to the hype, some were never open three times I tried to visit, and one had an employee (loose term) who actually yawned in my face and never stood up to show me to what I was asking for (apparently, pointing is very cycle-chic).

But there were more winners than non. More awesome and generous mechanics. More fanstastic customer service. And more chamois cream than I've wanted to know about. In alphabetical order ...

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Ten People We'd Like to Hang Out with at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival

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Rhombi Survivor
This Observer reader.

We love you, Scarborough Renaissance Festival. We love your jovial mood, your festive fashion, your adopted vocal patterns, your lack of irony, and your don't give a horse's turd attitude. Recently we sent out a photographer to snap you lovely people in all your finery, then I sat around wanting to be friends with all of you. Here's a quick round-up of the people whose company would be worth the $22 cost of admission to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

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