Alamo Drafthouse Reveals Plans to Conquer the North Texas Movie Experience

Dallas Observer

Remember when we looked at Austin with a glimmer of envy? I'm writing this down to remind the children. The ones who will remember seeing The Lego Movie, chomping down on good pizza, while their parents guzzled adult milkshakes. The ones who won't remember movie theaters reeking of hot dogs and fake butter. The ones who will never experience the total annoyance of an asshole talking on their phone during a movie without recompense. The ones who will never remember a time when Dallas, or even North Texas, didn't have an Alamo Drafthouse.

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Theatre Three's Capote Play Is a Tru Delight

Categories: Theater

Kirk R. Tuck

Suspend any expectation that the actor playing Truman Capote in the one-man play Tru, now on at Theatre Three, will attempt an impression of the author as accurate as the late Philip Seymour Hoffman did in his Oscar-winning performance in Capote.

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The Book Club Play at Dallas Theater Center Should Be Shelved

Categories: Theater

Karen Almond
Let's do some basic forensics on how a thing as wretched as The Book Club Play got produced at the Dallas Theater Center. DTC is our big League of Resident Theatres professional showplace with a large staff dedicated to bringing top quality scripts, new and old, to audiences. There have to be valid reasons why The Book Club Play, two of the most bafflingly bad hours of theater ever wrought upon the Kalita Humphreys stage, came to be done there. More valid than "lots of other regional theaters are doing it."

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5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend

Categories: Visual Art


Jesse Morgan Barnett & Jeff Gibbons
It's a rare opportunity to see two of the smartest artists working in Dallas in the same venue. Which is why you'll want to head to the Goss Michael Foundation's exhibition openings from 6-8 p.m. Friday. Jesse Morgan Barnett mines his own life to create abstract sculptural installations. He fills the room with unassuming objects that relate meaningfully. Barnett's exhibition Personal Life will run concurrently with Auto Relativity Kinetotron by Jeff Gibbons -- an artist who works in numerous media and creates thoughtful, absorbing work. See both for free at Goss Michael Foundation (1405 Turtle Creek Blvd.) through March 6. Regular gallery hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday. More information at

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The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore Asks the Right Questions, But Doesn't Have Any Answers

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The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore's great misfortune isn't that it replaces The Colbert Report, but that it premieres after Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. The Colbert Report was sui generis, and will likely remain so, because such a series makes leviathan demands on its host: crackerjack comedic skills, superb acting chops, and the massive humility to subsume himself completely into his character. Last Week Tonight, on the other hand, is a gauntlet thrown down before every other late-night comedy show (and news program), defying them to attempt its rare combination of smart, sidesplitting and viral.

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Our Favorite Pictures from Artopia 2015

Categories: Dallas Stories

Kathy Tran

You pretty people made Saturday night memorable. Forever Artopia 2015 will live as a twinkle of good times that we'll relive in photos like these by photographers Mike Brooks and Kathy Tran. You were there, taking selfies in front of the Love Me Back neon sign, designed to bring to life the cover of Merritt Tierce's debut novel. You were there, mouth agape, drooling over your first encounter with George Quartz and Slik Stockings (whom you probably refer to as the roller derby girls). You were there, buying art or stuffing delectables from the Dallas Mozzarella Company into your cheese hole. You marveled over Confetti Eddie's magic, danced your ass off to Ishi, and drank down the sounds of French 75. You hashtagged #Artopia to remind your friends that you were somewhere the lights were dimmer -- your life cooler, even as you battled the lines to score a drink, or better yet, two, for double-fisting. And you strolled down the Esplanade in Fair Park Saturday night, enjoying the 50 degree weather in January, thinking to yourself, sometimes Dallas can be a damn fun place to live.

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We Took a Kid to the Marvel Experience to Kick Some Super Robot Ass

Categories: Dallas Stories

Jacob Cohl / Hero Ventures"

Four hours with a 6-year-old taught me that parents are the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. I have never been so exhausted. Nothing I've done in my adult life has prepared me for a day of trying to wrangle a 6-year-old while Spider-Man occasionally pops up to talk to him, but that's how I spent my Saturday when I took my nephew to Fair Park for the Marvel Experience.

What's the Marvel Experience? Well, it's the closest thing we're getting to Jurassic Park in 2014. It's a traveling circus of bright lights, loud sounds and marketing. It's crack for 6-year-olds, and with the weather being sunny and 65 it was a perfect storm for every family in the area to jump on the green line and take the kids to see the stars of Disney's crown jewel of a franchise.

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100 Dallas Creatives: No. 15 Carlos Alejandro Guajardo-Molina, the Book Guy

Categories: 100 Creatives

Scott Wayne McDaniel
Mixmaster presents "100 Creatives," in which we feature cultural entrepreneurs of Dallas in random order.
One of the most exciting additions to hit Oak Cliff in 2014 was definitely The Wild Detectives. From the outside the place looks like any other house down 8th Street, but inside you'll find three of life's most glorious gifts: books, booze and bottomless cups of coffee.

And one of the main people we have to thank for this intellectual playground is General Manger Carlos Alejandro Guajardo-Molina. Through a mutual friend, he was introduced to co-owners Paco Vique and Javier Garcia del Moral to help launch the indie bookstore in the summer of 2013.

Since then Guajardo-Molina has been manning the helm, picking out the books, looking for ways to expand The Wild Detectives scope to include local music and curating the fantastic events. Everything from book readings with authors like Scott Blackwood, to Mouth Full of Words, their new series of tasting sessions, and let's not forget eccentric musician George Quartz's Friday night DJ sessions, Fahrenheit 314.

We just had to get a hold of Guajardo-Molina and find out his secret to creating a unique and comfortable space. Luckily he had some time for us in-between filling shelves with the coolest books in town.

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MAGCON Tour Brought a New Generation of Celebrities to Dallas

Categories: Buzz

Yep, don't recognize any of these 'celebrities'

On Sunday night on the fourth floor of the Irving Convention Center, about 300 tween to early-teen girls stood, eyes buried in their cellphones, anxiously awaiting their favorite social media stars. You know, the ones they've seen on Youtube. Think #AlexfromTarget and the like.

It's the new era of fame. You don't need radio or TV, or even an agent to get you thousands and millions of adoring fans. All you really need is some sort of talent, a social media platform to display it, and of course, a face 12-year-old girls will fawn over. The event that served as the bridge between the social media stars and their fans was MAGCON, a sort of variety show/meet-and-greet that features these Internet celebrities.

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5 Dallas Arts and Culture Events That Will Make January Feel a Little Less Bleak

Categories: Events

I believe I told you it's time to take down those Christmas lights, mister.
It's January, and even though the weather has been nice, it's still pretty terrible to think about the fact that we have cold, hard months of winter and work before it's time to sit on patios with margaritas. Dallasites aren't at their best when it's cold outside, and if previous years are any indication, we'll likely be seeing frigid temps until at least March. Put simply, this last weekend was a fluke, and the weather is probably about to get much more gross.

But that doesn't mean that you have to just sit at your apartment and bitch about the weather on Twitter. Instead, consider one of these fun and interesting Dallas and Fort Worth arts events that are much more intellectually stimulating than making cat memes on your phone.

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