Five Events to Celebrate National Poetry Month in Dallas

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Dallas Poetry Slam

"April is the cruelest month," TS Eliot penned to open his poetic triumph, The Wasteland. Poets have written at length about this month filled with spring showers and a sense of renewal. Odgen Nash exhorted readers to marry an April girl; Robert Frost described the days of April as blue butterflies. It's a month that marks the end of hibernation, when skin sees rays of the sun and wind whips through screen doors. Perhaps for all of these reasons, in 1996 the Academy of American Poets deemed April National Poetry Month. While the initiatives are education based, everyone is encouraged to celebrate by writing, reading and memorizing a few stanzas.

This would also be a great chance to venture out into the small, but mighty poetry community here in Dallas. We've compiled a few of them here, to add to your calendar.

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Don't Look Away: Fakir Musafar on Spiritual Side of Suspension

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The hooks slip in to your skin, like a fish caught on a line. Each hook aligned with a particular area of your body to keep a secure grasp on you without ripping out flesh. It takes years to get it right. It takes a practiced hand and a knowledgeable eye, but for this community to exist, it takes people interested in tapping into a new level of consciousness. Or so I'm told by visitors to the Suspension Convention.

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Take Lauren's Mini Virtual Tour of the Dallas Art Fair

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Marlborough Chelsea
ANDREW KUO's Stay Up (3/24/14), 2014

I am not an art collector. If I could afford it, I suppose I would be, but at this point in my life I cannot claim it as a hobby. But as an arts journalist, I find myself staring at the price tag of a piece at a gallery scheming about selling my beat-up Prius for a particularly eye-catching painting. Yesterday, for example, I attended the Dallas Art Fair preview at the Fashion Industry Gallery and picked out a few favorites that I present here for you to share in my art lust. I'm not going to analyze them or attempt to put them in historical context, so think of this as a simplistic guide to my personal aesthetic. If you don't like color, you should probably skip this virtual tour.

Marlborough Chelsea's Andrew Kuo paintings
This New York gallery shows just off the foyer of FIG. Why do I like this one? Color. Color. Color. And its retro flair.

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Dallas Symphony Orchestra Announces What Could Become the Signature Arts District Festival


This morning in the foyer of the Meyerson Symphony Center, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra revealed plans for a large-scale festival of the arts. In May 2015, Soluna brings together the city's artistic institutions as the foundation for the festival that will include international artists and commissions of new work.

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The Starck Club Debuts this Saturday at Texas Theatre

J. Allen Hansley
Grace Jones at the Starck Club
Two years after the private, rough cut screening of what was then called The Starck Project, which played to a packed theater at the Angelika during DIFF 2012, director Michael Cain is ready to unveil his finished product. The Starck Club debuts this Saturday at Texas Theatre, and although that particular screening is sold out, people can still purchase tickets for Sunday's showing at the Angelika. Those not familiar with Dallas' iconic nightclub can read all about it in our 2012 music feature, Starck Contrast, which touches on the momentous but short life of the club and the race to preserve it's history. We've also dug deep into our archives, and found the 1986 feature story surrounding the club's opening.

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Bettina Pousttchi's Drive-Thru Museum is a Fascinating Love Letter to Dallas' Car Culture

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© Bettina Pousttchi, 2013

Only in America can you tug the sleeve of your Lyft driver, clear your throat and politely ask him to drive-thru Whataburger for you at 2 a.m. Sure, other countries serve third meal at gyro stands or back alley cafes, but here you don't even have to leave the car. This drive-thru culture became a fascination for Bettina Pousttchi, who transforms a gallery space in the Nasher Sculpture Center into her Drive-Thru Museum, opening Saturday.

For her first American exhibition, she's laid down the black top, marked the lanes, and installed the scissor gates over the windows to signal its temporary closure.

"Unfortunately, we can't let people drive through," she laughs. "One of the very few places where you have to walk is the museum."

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Despite His Popular Tour, Todd Barry Was Not Named Letterman's Replacement

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Comedian and actor Todd Barry will be in Dallas April 25 at the Sons of Hermann Hall to promote his Louis C.K.-produced "Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour." It won't be the typical guy-stands-before-crowd-and-tells-jokes show. Instead, it's complete improv and his main source of material is you, the audience.

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18 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas, April 10- 13

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Prism Movement Co.
Friday - Sunday: Galatea

If you want to stuff any more into this weekend, you're going to have to pack it to the point of bursting. There are so many art events, we're struggling to zip it all together. There are gallery openings, farmer's markets, festivals, dance show, theater productions, a huge film festival, a huge art fair. We've narrowed it down as much as possible, but you're going to be busy.

This weekend, Prism Movement Co. previews its newest show Galatea. It's a wordless, acrobatic, potentially stunning piece of theater that we're pretty excited about. Performances officially open at 8 p.m. Friday and run through April 27 at the big green warehouse at 2919 Bataan St.. We recommend you attend Saturday because it will be a happening night in the Trinity Groves arts district. hosts an after party for Galatea and just down the street, the alternative gallery Ware:Wolf:Haus, 425 Bedford St., hosts a closing reception for its latest painting exhibition, 5 Guys.

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Six Best Yoga Studios in Dallas

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We're bending over backward and sweating through our yoga pants for you, Dallas. For this list of Dallas' best karma palaces, Katie Womack and I combined our yogi knowledge and crawled out of child's pose to try new studios. We downward dogged for days on end to present you with the following round up of the city's best yoga studios. Namaste, Dallas.

-Lauren Smart

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Khatia Buniatishvili's Bold, Brash Recital at the Winspear Opera House Disappointed

Khatia Buniatishvili at the Echo Klassik Awards in Berlin last September. She wore the same dress at the Winspear on Tuesday

There was nothing subtle about Khatia Buniatishvili's piano recital on Tuesday night at the Winspear Opera House. As soon as she took the stage, the 26-year-old Georgian pianist grabbed the audience's attention in a stoplight red, figure-hugging sequined gown that popped against the Winspear's signature red and gold splashed curtain. She played some of the biggest, showiest repertoire a pianist can perform, starting the program with Franz Liszt's daunting Piano Sonata in B Minor and ending with Stravinsky's notoriously thorny Pétrouchka. Everything about her performance-style was bold to the point of brash, demanding attention for sure, but sacrificing musicality along the way.

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