Five Best Events to Ring in Spring

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Klyde Warren Park

Despite the frozen tundra that was our city over the past couple of weeks, spring is inevitably coming in the next few weeks. The time has already changed, the trees will soon start to bloom, and that means that it's time to get your ass outside and enjoy some nature now that the weather is nice. Fortunately, walking from your car to a performance hall is technically considered "enjoying nature."

Even if you're not necessarily going to be outside much, you can still be excited about the fact that it is about to be seventy degrees every day for at least a few months. Whether it's a history lesson or a new look, these five arts, dance, and culture events will help you celebrate the wonder that is a North Texas spring.

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Director David Lowery Is Live Blogging The Movie He's Making For Disney, It's Awesome

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Stanton Stephens

In a crazy combination of desperately needing a new place to rent and six degrees of separation, I currently find myself subletting the East Dallas residence of filmmaker Toby Halbrooks. He's currently on location in New Zealand working on the Disney big-budget remake of Pete's Dragon with another Dallas filmmaker extraordinaire, David Lowery (Ain't Them Bodies Saints). Halbrooks co-wrote the script with Lowery, who is directing the movie. In fact, when I moved into my room, the dry erase boards that cover the wall were covered in notes about Pete, Elliot, and Passamaquoddy.

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11 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Dallas

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Jake Rasmussen
You could be more creative than roses this year.

Here at Mixmaster we don't do things the normal way. You can wine and dine us all night on Valentine's Day and we'll still be waiting for the good stuff. You know, the creative stuff. We've compiled a list of activities that might make acceptable celebrations of Valentine's Day. Maybe. Sorry, it's just that we're picky.

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Delights Dallas Audiences This Weekend

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Karen Almond Photography

On Tuesday night, downtown was filled with gleeful, excited children. Their parents quickly grabbed their hands to stop them from running into the street. Where were they running? Well, only to the most famous reindeer of all. Rudolph.

Yes, folks, it's time to get your Christmas spirit on and take the kids, or yourself, to the Majestic Theater for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the Musical. The beloved TV classic is brought to live-action life thanks to Wishing Star Productions. Presented by the AT&T Performing Arts Center, the production celebrates Rudolph's 50 years on television, and is slowly creating a new holiday tradition in Dallas. The entire gang is ready to deck the halls with you: Santa and Mrs. Claus, Hermey the Elf, the Abominable Snowman, Clarice, Yukon Cornelius and, of course, Rudolph.

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Dallas Christmas Shopping Bingo! Can You Find Yourself?

Alice Laussade
It's the holiday season. A time of joy. A time of laughter. A time when everyone likes to buy their favorite friends and family members presents whilst being total dicks to all the strangers in their path. Let's all go to NorthPark and play Holiday Shopping Bingo!

The Twitchy-Eyed Mom
Her give-a-shitter is busted. She's been dragging two kids around this mall for two hours, and she will cut you if you glare at her scream-crying toddler. She is out of diapers and there are no more snacks in her purse. One wrong move, and this entire mall explodes in a blaze of red-green-blue-glitter glory.

The Lost Soul
Just came here for one thing. Hit a wall of anxiety when the Macy's door closed and he was cut off from regular civilization. Has only been walking through the tie section for an hour, but has somehow grown a full beard and aged 30 years.

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10 Artsy Dallas Places to Shop for Christmas Presents

Nasher Sculpture Center

'Tis the season to shop local and shop well. Just don't buy your gifts at Walmart, capiche?

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Shop Small Holiday Market Lets the Little Guys Flip Off the Big Box Retailers

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Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of John Henderson
There has to be a better way.
Shop Small Saturday is the one day each year that Americans stick a large middle finger in the faces of places like Wal-Mart, Macy's and Starbucks -- just to name a few. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is all about those little local gems. It's the boutiques run by your best friend's mom or the restaurants that only use local ingredients or the coffee shops that support and host local musicians.

Carly Nance, co-founder of The Citizenry, a home d├ęcor start-up in Dallas, is one of the creators of the first-year event Shop Small Holiday Market.

The Citizenry teamed up with Unbranded, a pop-up retail and event space, to create this event for local vendors and businesses -- mainly online only -- to showcase their work. "We just wanted to create a time for the Dallas creative community to come together and create an exceptional shopping experience for one day."

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And Now, Some Adorable Pups from Sunday's Pooch Parade

Catherine Downes
Each year, pups gather at Lee Park for the annual Pooch Parade (part of the Easter in the Park extravaganza). Here are a handful of dogs from the event, that we find especially adorable. You can check out the entire slideshow here.

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10 Dallas Dudes You've Probably Dated

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Dating is the worst.
I was dicking around on the internet last week when known Valentine's Day scrooge the Houston Chronicle brought my attention to a national survey ranking Dallas as the seventhth most heartbroken city in America. Based on a foolproof algorithm of marriage rates, demand for dating services and surfing Instagram for sad people, the author of the "report" found us pretty unlucky in love.

I can't speak for the men of Dallas. But I know that for us women, the dating pool here can be shallow and well-stocked with bottom feeders. Here are 10 fish you have probably (hopefully) thrown back to sea.

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17 Valentine's Day Events in Dallas, Because This Holiday Is Happening, People

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Photo by @Giovani on Flickr
Spend your V-Day at the Kessler.

Valentine's Day is back and with it come visions of fat little blonde men in tiny diapers aiming sharp objects at your pulmonary artery. It's the time in late winter when North Texans get bored with the cold and long to take off a few layers and use the energy they've been storing for months to heat things up. Mid-February, people get, well, twitterpated.

Whether this sickly sweet holiday finds you out-of-your-mind wacky for that special someone or freshly embittered over loves past, there's something for you to do in Dallas. Here are some of the more appealing.

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