This Year's Pin Show to Strut Down Its Biggest Runway Yet

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Crystal Chatmon/Courtesy Pin Show

The Pin Show has a reputation of being much more than your average fashion show and the 2015 event on April 4 will be no exception. The brainchild of Dallas designer, Julie McCullough, The Pin Show features independent, seasoned designers whose works range from swimwear, to women's ready to wear, to jewelry.

"Anyone can come to this. It's street level fashion," McCullough says. "Most people who come to The Pin Show have never been to a fashion show but this is not a sit down, stuffy thing; this is a two hour party with fashion."

The show is in its 8th year and has grown significantly since the first event, held at The Door, almost a decade ago. The Pin Show will be among Deep Ellum's The Bomb Factory's first events after opening March 26. The Bomb Factory is a 50,000 square foot space so McCullough naturally had her hands full with designing an event to fill the massive space.

"It's going to be a huge show. We have 65 to 80 models, 160 walks this year and two 40 minute sets," McCullough said. "You can scale this venue to be any size you need it be and we're going to use the entire thing."

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Where To Buy 1920s-Inspired Costumes in Dallas for Sunday's Jazz Age Social

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Dallas Heritage Village

It's the 1920s! You and your boyfriend/husband/brother/hired friend are Daisy and Gatsby and you're headed to a costume contest because this is Dallas and we dress up all the time.

The Dallas Heritage Village and Art Deco Society of Dallas will host their second annual Dallas Jazz Age Sunday Social from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at the Dallas Heritage Village. There will be food trucks and Model A Fords and dancing and croquet and other 20s-style things happening.

But because you go above and beyond, there will also be a costume contest at 2:30 p.m. for best "Lawn Party Attire." Because we want you to win, we gathered a list of places for you to get your winning costume.

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Elm Street Bar Hosts Moda De La Muerta Fashion Show with Dallas Designers Thursday

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Just look at those masks...
This Thursday, Elm Street Bar will be home to native Dallas fashion designers Becca Jett and Rosemary Susat and stylists Mayra Ruiz and Toni Martin. Martin and Ruiz, 21, who owns Rag Parlor in Deep Ellum have put together a retro collection of looks pulled straight from the store. Jett and Susat will be showcasing their own original Dia de los Muertos-inspired designs, complete with one-of-a-kind masks. An auction of their outfits will commence following the show, just in time to dress you for this weekend's Halloween parties.

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Why Are You Wearing Scarves in Summer, Dallas?

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Alice Laussade
Even scarves don't want you to wear scarves right now.

Recently, I asked a scarf if it had a moment to sit with me and talk about why it's in Dallas so much this time of year. The scarf was gracious enough to oblige. Here is our interview:

Hey, Scarf. Can I just ask, what the hell? It's 100 degrees outside. Why are people wearing you all over Dallas right now?
I know, right? I saw a dude wearing a woolie beanie in NorthPark Mall the other day, and I almost punched him in the smirky face. We are not at all seasonal right now.

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Five Best Affordable Women's Clothing Boutiques in Dallas

Catherine Downes
Mimosas while you shop
Rio Ritz
2722 Routh St.
A well-run boutique needs a welcoming atmosphere, trendy clothes, and pristine changing rooms. Oh, and booze. Rio Ritz has all of this in spades. Earlier this year, Thais Moses opened the doors of her well-curated shop to the benefit of closets throughout Dallas. The store stocks all the latest trends, straight from Los Angeles at prices that rarely exceed $50. Plus, upon entering the door, you're greeted with a mimosa. Shopping doesn't get much better.

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Follow Dallas Designer Emmanuel Tobias' Journey On Project Runway

Courtesy of the designer
Project Runway struts its way back onto the television Thursday night for season 13. It's your classic reality competition show that narrows contestants down with each episode until there is a grand prize winner.

It's a favorite among fashion lovers or aspiring designers, and anyone else who just loves watching Heidi Klum. Every once in a while, a local designer lands a spot on the show and this season we've got three Texans. Dallas-based Emmanuel Tobias will be taking on the competition, which includes Samantha Palencia from San Antonio and Emily Payne who's from Temple, Texas.

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Party Under the Influence of Art Thursday Night

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Courtesy Elissa Stafford
Pick your poison...

Since its official launch in May, the Fashion Art Network has thrown "curated parties." They tempt partygoers with a fresh vibe, cheap tickets, and booze, then treat them to an evening of design, performance, and visual art - typically featuring artists represented by the part event-planning, part marketing company. On the one hand, it's a sneaky way to present art without allowing for value judgment; on the other, who can say no to music, booze, and art?

"It's a great time. It's a real creative time," says Dwayne Williams, co-founder of FAN. "We've thrown events with fashion presentations from different designers, allowing the designer to present different looks to the audience with art shows simulataneously, with artwork spanning from traditional art to new media."

Thursday's event breaks the mold of previous parties, because FAN invited Darryl Ratcliff to curate a party called, "A City Under the Influence." He's invited music acts Sudie and Ronnie Heart to provide the jams; Elissa Stafford will present video and performance art; Patrick Romeo created an installation piece; and Fred Villanueva teamed up with Cupcake Wars competitor Lauren Lee to create edible art.

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Our Five Favorite Pictures from the Austere Inferno Fashion Show

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Scott Mitchell

I'm not sure how you spent your Friday night, but we sent our photographer Scott Mitchell into the nine circles of hell, which apparently look like a fashion show, meets performance art meets a zombie cocktail party. The hybrid art collective and digital publication, Austere Mag's event featuring the work of designers from DFW, Austin, New Orleans, or Portland. The event bore this warning: "violence and hypersexuality." If you weren't in attendance, not to worry, we're here to indulge your inner voyeur.

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Designer Tendai Tawonezvi Taps into Handmade African Fabrics to Celebrate You

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Danielle Georgiou
Tendai Tawonezvi in her studio.
Your summer wardrobe just got a little cooler thanks to up-and-coming line, NeoBantu. Blending together classic feminine shapes with vibrant African prints, designer Tendai Tawonezvi is producing pieces that reflect and celebrate your individuality.

She sources handmade African fabrics to inspire and fabricate her designs, all of which are done either out of a showroom in the Underground of South Side on Lamar or at a space in East Dallas. Each piece created is as unique as the print it embodies. "We are not all alike, and our clothes should allow us to express [that], Tawonezvi says.

If you are like me and have a fear of patterns and colors, that can be a bit scary, but this line might just change my mind. As I flipped through the racks at their showroom, I found myself attracted to many of the fabrics that Tawonezvi has selected as they cleverly combine a heavy base, like navy, with bright oranges and pinks, or integrate a cross-hatching pattern of yellow and blue with black outlines.

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Circuit 12 Contemporary Blends Fashion and Art with New Designer in Residence Program

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Dustin Orlando

Often at museum gift shops, there are scarves colored with patterns from a Monet or a Renoir. Visitors can then wear the art they've seen; they adorn themselves with the work of an artist. But where art ends and fashion begins is more complicated than whether or not a famous painter designed the pattern on your t-shirt. The way a dress drapes the shoulders, a corset hugs a torso, or the design of a new hat should also be seen as a form of art. In the past decade, curatorial choices at major museums reflect this sentiment, giving huge exhibitions to the designs of Jean Paul Gaultier or the photography of Mario Testino. Then, of course, there's Karl Lagerfeld: Parallel Contrasts exhibition/fashion show in Germany.

Here in Dallas, a few galleries are blurring the lines between art and fashion with design-centric parties or runway shows. At the forefront is Circuit 12 Contemporary, which recently launched a Designer-in-Residence program.

"I've always had an internal battle between my love and devotion to fine art and painting and also my obsession with high fashion," says Gina Orlando, who co-owns Circuit 12 with her husband, Dustin. "I'm interested in discovering where high fashion and fine art intersect and in what modes in the future they can potentially intersect."

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