Shastra Home Is Now Open in the Design District

Categories: Fashion, Shopping

Photos by Catherine Downes
The Design District welcomed its latest decor store, Shastra Home, a few weeks ago. The mid-sized boutique specializes in fair-trade artisan goods created in India.

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Rio Ritz Boutique is Now Open (Photos)

Categories: Fashion

Photos by Catherine Downes
Uptown welcomed trendy and affordable women's boutique, Rio Ritz, this past weekend. The shop, which is located at 2722 Routh, was created by retail and fashion enthusiast, Thais Moses.

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Henderson Avenue's Suit Showroom Knot Standard is Now Open

Categories: Fashion

Catherine Downes

In the last year, the shopping options for stylish Dallas dudes grew exponentially. If you want to drink while you shop, West Village's Rye 51 liquors up its customers while they browse. If you want someone to help you choose your clothes, the business model of Henderson Ave.'s Trunk Club might be the right fit for you. But if you're looking for a more hands on approach and want a look that's uniquely yours, the newest store Knot Standard might suit your fancy.

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Seven Ways Sex and the City Would've Been Different in Dallas


Sarah Jessica Parker will be in Dallas on March 9 to promote her shoe line and probably make Nordstrom's in NorthPark a giant nightmare of starstruck women of all ages. The department store won't be safe to go near for an entire afternoon.
SJP is best known as her New York-based character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. To celebrate her upcoming arrival, here are seven ways the HBO series would have been different if it was set in Dallas.

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8 Bullshit Things That Women's Clothes Do

Categories: Fashion

Maggie Not Margaret
Let's ruin this skirt with a bright ass zipper.
Women are taught by fashion magazines and reality shows to have a deep respect for the designers who make their clothes. But no one warns women that this respect doesn't go both ways. Spend enough time shopping, and it becomes clear that the fashion industry is made of creepy old men who don't think you need clothes for anything other than reclining uncomfortably in a chair, looking hot.

Here are some of the most obnoxious, bullshit structural problems commonly found in women's clothes.

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f. is for frank Launches Its Succulent New Line Tonight with a Studio Party

Categories: Events, Fashion

Photos by Catherine Downes

Gardeners can be classified into several groups. There's veggie people, tree folk, general landscaping enthusiasts, and the most passionate off them all: cactus addicts. It's a nerdy affliction, being seduced by succulents, but there's something intrinsically satisfying about their subtle variations and perky personalities.

None of that is lost on Shoshannah Frank and Casey Melton, the creative force behind local jewelry line f. is for frank.

They've got a new collection opening tonight at their Manufacturing Street studio. It's both inspired by -- and cast from -- your favorite fleshy plants: the succulents.

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The Fashion of an Uptown Pool Party (Photos)

Categories: Fashion

Sunday Fun Day knows no ally like a holiday Monday, which this Sunday meant Dallas' committed party people throwing on their smallest apparel and descending on Sisu Uptown Resort, for a pool party with English DJ Paul Oakenfold.

Photographer Bianca Montes captured the scene, including these fashion try-harders. See her full photo-report on the slideshow page.

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The Most Stylish Looks from House of Plates' Hari Mari & the Factory Show (Photos)

When we see you on the street and think you put some thought into your style, we may take your picture and ask you things. See previous installations in the Street Style archive.

It was a great night for people watching and spotting some eclectic looks at the latest House Of Plates project: Hari Mari & the Factory Show. Check out the ensembles that caught our eye.

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House of Plates Throws the Best Parties

Categories: Events, Fashion

You're only looking at her flip flops.
I just had a party flashback.

Remember the sweaty bash House of Plates threw last summer at the F.O.E.? Of course you do. All of Dallas was there doing Jell-o shots, playing beach volleyball against a team of Cold War Rocky-style ringers, and watching as models paraded around in adorable vintage outfits. Then, we all made out. That was a great day.

Man, remember that party House of Plates threw at the Motorcycle Clubhouse with Warby Parker last winter? Of course you do. I took a picture with you in the photo booth immediately after you arm wrestled a hard-scrabbled Harley enthusiast, chugged jungle punch and drunk shopped your way through a tricked-out school bus. Then, we all made out. That was a great night.

So, are you going to that House of Plates party this Saturday? The one co-sponsored by Hari Mari, your favorite flip flop company? Of course you are: You're a reasonable, thinking human. The Factory Show features a runway filled with looks by Ten Over Six and Original Octane, music by Catamaran and DJ Chriis, an open bar and a strong likelihood of us all making out, again. Plates and Hari Mari take over 2625 Main Street from 8 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, a perfect excuse to dodge the way-too-fratty Cinco de melee happening everywhere else. RSVP here or be sad.

It's free.

What Dallas Needs from Emmanuel Villaume, the Opera's New Music Director

Categories: Fashion

The Dallas Opera has been keeping the identity of its new Music Director under top-secret lockdown. While waiting for the big reveal, we started daydreaming about this newest addition to Dallas' classical music scene and compiling a wish list.

The big reveal came yesterday at TDO's Winspear offices. After sitting down with TDO's new conductor, we're excited and hopeful. Here's our wish list, Monsieur:

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