Sneak Peek: Lollie Bombs Showcase Their Spooky, Kooky Boobies This Weekend (NSFW)

KWN Design

This weekend, the longest-running neo-burlesque troupe in DFW is dancing their way through their twisted, sexified Halloween show, arguably their most anticipated show of the year. The sultry members of the Lollie Bombs present "Ghouls! Ghouls! Ghouls!" at 11:15 p.m. Friday and Saturday night at the Pocket Sandwich Theater. It'll be a smorgasbord of deadly dance, showcasing choreography from the likes of E. Hall and Honey Bordeauxx, and hosted by their new emcee, Connor Lingus. (Word to the Lollies virgins: the bottom level of seating is lovingly referred to as the "Splash Zone." Sit there if you're hoping to get hit by whipped cream, glitter, or stray lingerie.)

Featured beauties are versatile, off-the-wall, tattooed, and insanely talented. And did we mention? Halloween eye candy. Buckets full. Meet the ladies who are sure to show you a good time and a whole lot more!

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Oh Dear Fried Food Lord, American Idol Auditions Are On Opening Day of The State Fair

Alice Laussade
Things will be crazy-go-nuts.

This news should strike fear in the fried hearts of many: American Idol will hold auditions for the new season at our great State Fair of Texas on September 26th and 27th-- the first two days of the fair.

There is no prior registration required. You just have to be between the ages of 15 and 28 (See Official Rules), and show up to sing between 10am and 6pm on either of the two audition days.

This spells chaos. Cats and dogs living together. Mass hysteria.

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CineWilde Glams Up the Texas Theatre with Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert

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In 1994, Priscilla, Queen of The Desertchronicled an outrageous road trip story about three drag queens that provided one of the first positive portrayals of gay and transgender people in major media, and took home the Oscar for achievement in costuming. Obviously.

For those who don't know much about the plot of the film, just imagine a couple of Australian drag queens and a transgender woman traveling across the Australian Outback in a giant tour bus named Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. It's a heartwarming story, replete with plenty of snarky drag queen comedy. If you haven't seen it, there's no time like the present.

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Party Under the Influence of Art Thursday Night

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Courtesy Elissa Stafford
Pick your poison...

Since its official launch in May, the Fashion Art Network has thrown "curated parties." They tempt partygoers with a fresh vibe, cheap tickets, and booze, then treat them to an evening of design, performance, and visual art - typically featuring artists represented by the part event-planning, part marketing company. On the one hand, it's a sneaky way to present art without allowing for value judgment; on the other, who can say no to music, booze, and art?

"It's a great time. It's a real creative time," says Dwayne Williams, co-founder of FAN. "We've thrown events with fashion presentations from different designers, allowing the designer to present different looks to the audience with art shows simulataneously, with artwork spanning from traditional art to new media."

Thursday's event breaks the mold of previous parties, because FAN invited Darryl Ratcliff to curate a party called, "A City Under the Influence." He's invited music acts Sudie and Ronnie Heart to provide the jams; Elissa Stafford will present video and performance art; Patrick Romeo created an installation piece; and Fred Villanueva teamed up with Cupcake Wars competitor Lauren Lee to create edible art.

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Bastille on Bishop 2014: Lafayette, We Are Here, Wearing Stripes

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Danny Hurley
Bastille on Bishop 2013: Man, those French fashions are really something.
Remember how a portion of Oak Cliff began as a short-lived Utopian society settled by some French who weren't crazy about Napoleon III in 1855? No? It doesn't ring a big bell for most, but it probably should since we've got a tower and a reborn artists' community named after La Reunion.

It's easier to learn history by way of fun, though, which is exactly how Bastille on Bishop makes its impact. Oh, you think you'll just be tasting wines, scarfing crepes, eating mussels prepared in a competition by local chefs, playing petanque, watching the can-can, maybe getting tipsy and can-canning some yourself on Bishop Avenue in Oak Cliff Monday evening. In fact, you'll be taking in the French culture that helped to settle our grand city. Stratagème!

That's our story, anyway. Feel free to use it to explain those can-can videos on YouTube.

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50 Shades of Robot: The Art and Fashion of 'Man as Machine' Was More Spectacle Than Substance

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Scott Mitchell

When attending a fashion show that promises to satisfy artistic inclinations of all types, skepticism is the name of the game.

At Thursday evening's Man as Machine at Three Three Three First Avenue fashion, dance, music, makeup, body painting and all types of fine art were broadcast as the draws to this event. And, naturally, something has to fall to the wayside with such a wide berth of objectives.

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RAW Dallas Throws Rowdy Art Parties, But Who You Buy Your Ticket Through Matters

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Cantoinette Studios
RAW artist Chesley Antoinette turns trash into fashion.

What happens when you take live music, a fashion show and an indie film screening and shove the whole package into the Lizard Lounge? Well, that's effectively what's happening Friday at Panorama, the latest in a series of events thrown by RAW Dallas, a branch of the Los Angeles based, RAW: Natural Born Artists.

The event will feature more than forty aspiring local artists, from painters and fashion designers to dancers and make-up artists. Every month, RAW runs the artistic gamut to bring a little bit of everything to these showcases. And while these artists haven't found professional footing yet - showing at galleries or booking consistent paying gigs - the spectrum of work on display and the natural talent is impressive.

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Former Texas Tech Running Back Baron Batch Tackles Art and Salsa-making


Baron Batch is one passionate man.

The artist, writer, salsa maker and former Texas Tech star running back spoke to us over the phone while he traveled to Lubbock for its First Friday Art Trail. And with each question we asked, Batch answered with a detailed story. And a passionate one at that.

This weekend he will be at the Rachel Nash Gallery in Deep Ellum to show off his newest artwork, including paintings and collages.

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Get Pumped Up or Beat Up at This Weekend's Europa Games Get Fit & Sports Expo

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Is getting sand kicked in your face at the beach by a hulking mass of muscles still a common trope? We're assuming that such unbelievably rude behavior has been drummed out of polite society along with cell phones that you can only transport in a briefcase, neon colored clothing and Mummar al-Gaddafi.

If such a thing has ever happened to you, chances are you'll be able to find him or her this weekend at the Dallas Convention Center. They are hosting the annual Europa Games and Get Fit & Sports Expo, a weekend gathering of athletic competition and training. So if you can't douse them in the face with a big bucket of beach sand, you can at least bulk up and square off with them on an even level.

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Inaugural Thai Culture & Food Festival to Include Muay Thai World Champion

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If you've never seen a Muay Thai demonstration, you'll need to put the Thai Culture & Food Festival on your calendar. The world champion of the sport known as the "art of eight limbs" takes the stage of the two-day culture showcase, May 24-25 at The Buddhist Center of Dallas. In a delicious combination of food and fun, local Thai restaurants and artists come together for this free event. Rumor has it, even the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand plans to attend and I'm guessing your schedule is far less busy than his.

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