Inaugural Thai Culture & Food Festival to Include Muay Thai World Champion

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If you've never seen a Muay Thai demonstration, you'll need to put the Thai Culture & Food Festival on your calendar. The world champion of the sport known as the "art of eight limbs" takes the stage of the two-day culture showcase, May 24-25 at The Buddhist Center of Dallas. In a delicious combination of food and fun, local Thai restaurants and artists come together for this free event. Rumor has it, even the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand plans to attend and I'm guessing your schedule is far less busy than his.

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A Play by Play of the Denton Arts & Jazz Fest

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Denton Jazz & Arts Festival

Every April thousands of north Texas musicians, aficionados, artists and party-lovers from all life's walks come out of the woodwork and converge on a 20-acre historic park in Denton to enjoy seven stages of music and an arts exhibition space of 17,000 square feet. Thousands more travel from across the state for the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, which averages 200,000 attendees and is now in its 34th year.

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Here's a Quick Guide to the USA Film Festival Opening Tonight

Fading Gigolo

Just a few weeks after the Dallas International Film Festival packed up its reels and stuffed them into storage, the USA Film Festival has arrived, beginning today at the Angelika Film Center. Although, you may not remember it was happening there are plenty of movie screenings, talk-backs and events for you attend this week. Plus most of the film screenings are a mere $10, and some are free. The festival opens tonight with Fading Gigolo, which features an all-star cast, including Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara and John Turturro. The film will be followed with a talk hosted by Stephen Tobolowsky.

Here's the lineup for the rest of the week:

Tuesday, April 22
7 p.m. Fading Gigolo
7 p.m. Particle Fever chronicles six scientists while they launch the Large Hadron Collider. Director Mark Levinson will be in attendance.

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And Now, Some Adorable Pups from Sunday's Pooch Parade

Catherine Downes
Each year, pups gather at Lee Park for the annual Pooch Parade (part of the Easter in the Park extravaganza). Here are a handful of dogs from the event, that we find especially adorable. You can check out the entire slideshow here.

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Don't Look Away: Fakir Musafar on Spiritual Side of Suspension

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The hooks slip in to your skin, like a fish caught on a line. Each hook aligned with a particular area of your body to keep a secure grasp on you without ripping out flesh. It takes years to get it right. It takes a practiced hand and a knowledgeable eye, but for this community to exist, it takes people interested in tapping into a new level of consciousness. Or so I'm told by visitors to the Suspension Convention.

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The Starck Club Debuts this Saturday at Texas Theatre

J. Allen Hansley
Grace Jones at the Starck Club
Two years after the private, rough cut screening of what was then called The Starck Project, which played to a packed theater at the Angelika during DIFF 2012, director Michael Cain is ready to unveil his finished product. The Starck Club debuts this Saturday at Texas Theatre, and although that particular screening is sold out, people can still purchase tickets for Sunday's showing at the Angelika. Those not familiar with Dallas' iconic nightclub can read all about it in our 2012 music feature, Starck Contrast, which touches on the momentous but short life of the club and the race to preserve it's history. We've also dug deep into our archives, and found the 1986 feature story surrounding the club's opening.

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16 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, April 3- 6

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Tonight marks the opening of the Dallas International Film Festival. In its eighth year, it is physically impossible to see all of the films at this year's fest, which boasts more than 170 films over the course of 11 days all over the city. However unlikely their success, there will surely be noble souls who attempt to catch 'em all. We salute you. For the rest of you, we've got a hand-selected list of suggestions. This year's lineup looks like a healthy mixture of local filmmakers and Hollywood celebrities. The movie marathon starts 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Dallas City Performance Hall with the opening-night gala screening of Words and Pictures, a story about a struggling prep school English teacher played by Clive Owen. But we've only just begun. Plan your fest at Passes start at $100.

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My Little Pony Fans Stampede into Lewisville, Play, then Ride Off into Rainbow-filled Sunset

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Ed Steele

At the center of a crowd of colorfully clothed My Little Pony fans sit two teenage boys, eyes locked on the television screen in front of them, thumbs moving rapidly. They're guiding the Nintendo iconic green dinosaur Yoshi, Mario's friend/mode of transportation through Pickachu's lightening bolt. This is happening because the five dudes behind Critical Hit Gaming traveled more than 500 miles from McAllen to the Lewisville Hilton Garden Inn this weekend to participate in Animation Celebration's Brony Fest.

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Conan O' Brien's Stop in Dallas to Include "Cone Zone" Experience

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We haven't published an article about Conan's visit to Dallas yet this week. It's already Thursday. You probably assumed this meant that his visit to our city couldn't get any better. You thought wrong. Next week, while Conan camps out at the Majestic Theatre, the "Cone Zone" will make various stops around the city.

What on earth is the "Cone Zone," you ask? Why, it's a mechanical bull riding, Conan fan art displaying, selfie taking, Coke Zero dispensing, surprise celebrity appearance making, music playing experience. You probably won't want miss it. I mean, almost nobody got tickets to the show so this is the next best thing. Right? Right?

Here's where to catch it next week:
2-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday at Main Street Garden
8 p.m.-Midnight at House of Blues
3-10:30 p.m. Friday-Sunday at Reunion Park

For more information visit

Jillian Michaels Doesn't Think Dallas Should Drink Margaritas

Jillian Michaels

Her on-air personality is typically a hardcore mean trainer, who motivates The Biggest Loser contestants by most of the time yelling in their face.

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