ESPN Is Giving The Famous Von Erichs Their Own 30 For 30 Short


A year in the making, ESPN's 30 for 30 short film chronicling the rise and tragedy of Dallas' famous Von Erich wrestling family is set to air at 5 p.m. Friday.

The news, confirmed by D Magazine and Kevin Von Erich on Twitter marks a new addition to the long line of stories and documentaries based on the famous Von Erichs, from patriarch Fritz down to his sons Mike, Chris, David and Kerry. From their beginnings in Dallas and Fort Worth, the group rose to insane heights in Dallas wrestling and beyond, once packing 41,000 people into Texas Stadium to watch Kerry wrestle The Freebirds and beat Ric Flair.

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Our Five Favorite Rangers Superfans from Rangers Fan Fest

Photo by Rachel Parker

Rangers fans piled into the ballpark Saturday to get a little facetime with their favorite players. Autograph sessions, Q&As, tours of the dugout and a chance to run the bases rounded out the afternoon's events. We sent photographer Rachel Parker to weave through the masses and find our favorites.

While the cosplay hybrids steal the show, I've got to ask: Is anything more adorable than seeing a young kid, dudded up in gear, reaching for a pop fly?

No. No there is not. Because that is absolutely precious.

I salute you, little dude.

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How Cold Is It? Here's A Handy Chart, Dallas.

Categories: Dallas Pride

It's been cold in Dallas lately. Because: winter. And based on the screenshots of the 10-day forecast clogging up the Facebook Newsfeed, you're all starting to have a collective pants-crap about the fact that it's not 110°F with a heat index of Shit Steam anymore. I get it. Icemageddon drive-by-boned this city and we're all still a little freaked out and skittish. But you gotta stop saying it's "SOOOO FUCKING COLD OUTSIDE," when it's 50°F.

In an effort to ensure that we're all describing The Dallas Cold accurately, I've included this handy How Cold Is It? table for your convenience. (Disclaimer: These descriptions are appropriate for use in Dallas. If you use this table in Minnesota, they'll laugh in your face and punch you in the penis.)

Alice Laussade

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Come On Down! Jerry Springer Will Host Price is Right Live! in Dallas.

Last April Price is Right Live! announced the game show would visit the Majestic. We called in sick to our jobs, using the time to intensively study price points of common consumer goods -- blenders, dreaded dinette sets, sexytime hot tubs and jet skis -- so that victory would be a lock if Not Bob Barker called our names.

Then, they canceled the thing.

In hindsight the crushing depression that followed was for the best, because the show's got a new tour manager who assures us that this time it's completely, totally, really coming. AND it's being hosted by Jerry Springer.

Yeah. Jerry "stand back and let 'em bludgeon each other with stage props" Springer might ask you for anecdotal facts.

Jerry "56th Mayor of Cincinnati" Springer could say "are you familiar with PLINKO?" -- like anyone isn't familiar with PLINKO.

Jerry "final thought" Springer will be the freakin' sheriff of the Showcase Showdown.

Next Saturday, November 2, Price is Right Live! will be at the Eisemann Center's Hill Performance Hall. Here's the ticket link. If you just want a shot at being a contestant you'll need to register for a chance at an area near the venue box office 3 hours prior to show time.

Here's what Price's people have to say:

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Our 10 Favorite Photos from the 30th Annual Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade

All photos by Stephen Masker

Cedar Springs shut down on Sunday for the 30th anniversary of the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.

Recently some noise rustled throughout the LGBT community; a response to the announcement banning public nudity from the Pride Parade. It caused some to say that things were getting too commercial. Others used it as an opportunity for dialog, to discuss and revisit the nature of the event itself. But by the end of this year's parade, none of that seemed to wear on the annual festival. The floats still floated. The dancers still danced. And we collectively celebrated a damn promising year in LGBT advancement.

(True: Underwear was replaced by Speedos. Sigh, we all survived.)

We sent Stephen Masker to capture the parade's undiminished beauty in a series of photos. We've got a slideshow with the rest of the pictures on our website, so after you finish clicking through our ten favorites, give it a visit.

All photos by Stephen Masker

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The Ticket's Fight Night in Action Shots

Categories: Dallas Pride

Mike Brooks
Who is punching whom? We'll never tell.

The thing that really stood out at the Ticket's Fight Night yesterday was that these were definitely amateurs in the ring. Bout after bout would start in a flurry of punches and a burst of energy, only to quickly turn into a lethargic affair of tired legs and weak punches.

This did not matter to the legions of Ticket P1s who overran the Village Country Club, and the thousands of loyal Ticket fans who liberally imbibed the Corona Light that was available and cheered on each fighter with a bloodlust usually saved for Cowboys games.

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10 Reasons Why You're Going To The Ticket's Fight Night

Categories: Dallas Pride

Photo by Mike Brooks

On Thursday, August 29, Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket takes over the Village Country Club with a ring, a copy of the Marquess of Queensbury Rules, and a slew of ever loyal P1s.

That's right folks, it's time for Fight Night '13, an event members of the Hardline call "The best thing the station does." Just in case you were still on the fence about going, we're giving you 10 reasons why your attendance is mandatory.

1. Corona Light is the head sponsor: Texas heat + cold beer + boxing = Awesome. This is the simplest math you will ever do.

2. Intern Mike: Last year Intern Mike was decimated in the ring, and well ... just watch this video.

3. Three-round fights: Listen, no one wants to see some amateur fighter die from heat exhaustion, swinging limp-armed in a 32-round Jack Johnson tribute. Three rounds gives the fighters time to feel each other out, break through their nerves, realize the whole thing is about to be over and swing wildly.

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Big Tex's Face Will Stay Creepy, According to this New Video

Categories: Dallas Pride

Sorry Schutze, and happy Tuesday to Alice and everyone else. Our favorite freaky-faced guardian of on-tap root beer, Big Tex, is under the knife. And according to this just released video from the State Fair, his face will stay creepy and long-nosed.

Sigh, that's the Tex we know and love.

Take one minute out of your life to see for yourself. The music is terrible, so mute it and play the one I posted below the video instead.

Saturday's "Stupid Pet Trick" Auditions Could Get Your Mutt on Letterman

A cornerstone segment of the David Letterman show, Stupid Pet Tricks serves as a reminder of precisely how lazy your own pup is. He does not dance in a tutu, operate a blender or ride a skateboard. But what if he did?

On Saturday, animal talent scouts will be at Frank Kent Hyundai in Fort Worth, assessing and judging the quality of weird crap that area pets can sorta do. That means you've got less than a week to teach him one oddball skill to set him above the pack -- totally doable, assuming that your cat, dog, bird or ferret cares as much about being on television as you do.

If you have a fame-driven fur child, stage mom it up between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. this Saturday. (Until they're assessed, each animal must remain on leash, caged or kenneled -- otherwise "audition" quickly converts into "a food chain set loose at an off-model car dealership.")

All tricks must be "safe, unique and fun" and owners must provide whatever props or tools are required to achieve them. For more information, go here.

House Porn: Beautiful Pictures from the Dallas Modern Home Tour

modernhome van dyke by James Edward Photography 1.jpg
By James Edward Photography
The home on Van Dyke
Other children played house. You dreamt of comfort and stillness: lounging on a white, leather shag rug beside a Danish modern boomerang coffee table. Your focal point? The snapping wood in the Malm fireplace, which gently piped controlled warmth through your futuristic ski lodge residence. Art, expressed through multitude temperatures of tones and juxtaposed shapes, surrounded you. There, natural light poured in from all angles -- an amazing feat, considering your home was built into the side of a rocky ledge.

Because you didn't settle for a mundane fantasy life then, you shouldn't now. For you, the mid-century modern architecture junkie, there is the Dallas Modern Home Tour.

It's happening this Saturday, March 2nd and it's your chance to see some of the city's nicest nesting-based design. (Don't forget to scope out the yards -- most showcase water conserving landscapes and native plants.)

Tuck away your copies of Dwell, shut down Apartment Therapy and take a voyeur's holiday. Get passes here. Feeling lucky? We're doing a ticket giveaway on Mixmaster. And now, let's do a visual breaking and entering.

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