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Booth at Second Thought Theatre

Saturday night in Deep Ellum the gallery scene was busy. Cohn Drennan Contemporary opened its doors with Dan Allen's scrapbook, a photography exhibit chronicling the alternative music scene in Dallas, specifically featuring portraits of the punk, gothic, and riot girl musicians and fans. Visitors overflowed into the street, while the dj spun records, drinks were poured for tips, and Allen signed book copies.

A quick trek up Commerce St., in the space shared by The Public Trust and Liliana Bloch Gallery, visitors filtered in for the first night of Tim Best's voyeuristic collages inCrush and then caught a final glimpse of Matthew Mahon's Under, a photographic series that casts an open eye on the women working in the sex industry.

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The 10 Best Murals in Dallas (Photos)

Dallas' murals are as disjointed as the architecture they're painted on.

The high-end commissioned works, like the walls Shepard Fairey and Faile did for the Dallas Contemporary, are balanced by spaces where local artists were allowed to get handsy. What we don't have much of -- well, never for long anyway -- are renegade teams of muralists. But hey, painting a wall takes time and money, so it's best to find a generous benefactor.

Here's our 10 favorite Dallas murals -- some new, some old. Have another that you like more?

Tough. Start your own blog.

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10 Amazing Skateboarding Photos from Overground's New Street Course

All photos by Mike Brooks
We've been following the progress on Instagram, watching the stair and ramp construction for Overground's new street course. And yeah, we got nostalgic. We looked at our skate shoes that are never, ever used for skating and wondered if some secret talent would be unlocked if we threw a deck down and dove in.

Then we remembered that we're writers who lack any useful motor skills and decided to let photographer Mike Brooks capture the scene in a less bloody, less ambulance-y way. He brought back this completely rad series of pictures.

Check out the new course and the talent dominating the thing through our 10 favorites.

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House Porn: Beautiful Pictures from the Dallas Modern Home Tour

modernhome van dyke by James Edward Photography 1.jpg
By James Edward Photography
The home on Van Dyke
Other children played house. You dreamt of comfort and stillness: lounging on a white, leather shag rug beside a Danish modern boomerang coffee table. Your focal point? The snapping wood in the Malm fireplace, which gently piped controlled warmth through your futuristic ski lodge residence. Art, expressed through multitude temperatures of tones and juxtaposed shapes, surrounded you. There, natural light poured in from all angles -- an amazing feat, considering your home was built into the side of a rocky ledge.

Because you didn't settle for a mundane fantasy life then, you shouldn't now. For you, the mid-century modern architecture junkie, there is the Dallas Modern Home Tour.

It's happening this Saturday, March 2nd and it's your chance to see some of the city's nicest nesting-based design. (Don't forget to scope out the yards -- most showcase water conserving landscapes and native plants.)

Tuck away your copies of Dwell, shut down Apartment Therapy and take a voyeur's holiday. Get passes here. Feeling lucky? We're doing a ticket giveaway on Mixmaster. And now, let's do a visual breaking and entering.

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Art Car Spotted at the Texas Theatre

Categories: Concrete Canvas

starry night.jpg

At first glance, you think it's the strangest decision for a wrap, ever. Upon closer inspection, this sedan gets even more perplexing as you realize that it's hand-painted.

Yup. A hand-painted, 360 degree replica of van Gogh's dorm poster classic,The Starry Night. I don't know who the artist/driver is, but in my mind, they're perfect. They're wearing a complimenting shirt from cafe press, and drinking coffee out of a travel mug branded with the same image -- after all, this vehicle inspires extreme-matching dedication.

Personally, if I were to dress up my beat-to-hell Hyundai with van Gogh-inspired pigment, I'd go with Skull of a Skeleton With Burning Cigarette. That's a print that will get you laid.

Well Dallas, We've Already Lost A Shepard Fairey Mural.


When Dallas Contemporary first contacted the Trinity Groves boys, asking if they'd consider letting Fairey dress up the empty walls of some West Dallas locations, the vision wasn't fully realized. "My partners had no idea who Shepard Fairey was," said Larry "Butch" MacGregor, who owns the property along with Phil Romano and Stuart Fitts. "The only reason I knew was because I had seen the movie Exit Through The Gift Shop."

Still, the group took a chance on a world famous, unknown kid.

See also:
- Hofmann Hot Dogs To Open Restaurant in Trinity Groves.

- Shepard Fairey Caught in the Act

Three buildings were lent for the project, all from Trinity Groves' richly growing collection of investment properties, which will eventually form "a cool fresh place for people to go to," according to Megan Lucas, the company's Chief Marketing Operator. But getting to that "cool fresh place" isn't without sacrifice. This week we saw the first Shepard Fairey mural fall in order to accommodate the new Hofmann's Hot Dogs, a '50s-style diner where folks will be able to dress their wieners with a variety of toppings.

The building at 340 Singleton needed windows added -- not to meet code criteria, but to provide a view of the bridge and let a little light in, and that required hacking into the artwork. Still, Butch says it hurt to see it go. "We hated to lose it, believe me, we loved it, but we knew probably at some point it would happen, and sure enough it did."

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Dallas' Five Best Dog Parks

three dogs.jpg
Just because you call a loft or apartment home doesn't mean you've stopped obsessing over your dog. We live vertical here in Dallas, stacked on top of one another like human Jenga. This is all fine until you fall in love. It starts so innocent: a picture on the internet leads to some furry dude crashing on your couch, chewing your remote control like it's a damn Snickers. You then understand those old adages about the value of land and how God ain't makin' any more of it. Those sages were dog owners, and they were probably hungover.

One Summer morning is all it really takes. You closed the bar last night, now it's 8 a.m. and already 134 degrees. You've got to walk that dog. He's perky. He's so excited that you're awake. You aren't. You'll drive anywhere if you can prop your broken body up on a fence while he dog frolics around without you. You need to know your neighborhood dog park, and maybe one a neighborhood over just in case yours is sketchy. Here's our five favorites.

See also: An Art Show For Dogs? Finally.

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In Uptown, Dallasites are Telling the World What They Want to Do Before They Die

The Intown You Project is an Uptown outpost of an international public art installation called the "Before I Die" project. Basically, it's a huge outdoor chalkboard that asks, "What do you want to do before you die?"

A little over a month ago we told you about the installation, but now that it's been built, here's a little update for you. I spoke with Rabbi Zvi Drizin of The Intown Chabad about this project and what it means for Uptown.

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From a Firestation in Fairview, TX: A Mural in Timelapse

Andy Buchanan
Still from his video on the construction of his mural in Fairview, TX
Well, here's your cool timelapse video of the day...

Over on Dallas' Reddit page this morning, caught an exciting piece from local artist Andy Buchanan. The two-minute plus video chronicles the construction of Buchanan's action-y, three-dimension-y mural "Rescuing Freedom." According the YouTube vid, the piece took three weeks to complete.

Check out Buchanan's full showing after the jump--it's an interesting look into the process building vivid murals from, essentially, a blank page. Er...wall. Anyway, it's set to Bob Dylan's "Shelter from the Storm." Nice.

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Deep Ellum's Traveling Man Gets Pumped Up Kicks

Look who's got some brand spankin' new shoes. Like the rest of us, the Deep Ellum "Traveling Man" sculpture's been a little chilly this week. And being made of metal, can you imagine how much worse that must be? Finally, someone took pity on his big robot feet and sized him up for custom-made Converses and a big cozy scarf. Lookin' good.

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