Klyde Warren Park Will be Filled with These Awesome Art Chairs on Saturday

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If you have an emotional reaction to art, then you're on the right blog. If you have an emotional reaction to chairs, then you've hit 30. Congratulations to both. Now let's celebrate by peeking into Saturday's Chair Art in the Park event happening at Klyde Warren.

The event auctions off art chairs that were either made, designed or embellished by local 6th to 12th graders. The money brought in is then handed over to the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center, a non-profit that provides art and music therapy for abused children. It's a great event, and a good excuse to wander in front of the ice cream sandwich truck.

The silent auction runs from 11:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., but the real action happens during the live auction and awards ceremony, from 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. So be a stand-up human, and sit down.

Art Con Wants to Give Your Favorite Dallas Arts Group Some Money

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Art Conspiracy, that annual ode to Dallas' ground-level art scene, has put out the call for beneficiaries for its 9th annual charity event. If you're involved in arts education in Dallas, you've got until one minute before midnight on April 1 to get in an application. So hop to it.

In the last eight years, Art Con says, it's over $140,000 for beneficiaries like Girls Rock and Musical Angels.

Once they've nailed down a beneficiary, Art Con'll also be needing artists and volunteers, so keep a lookout. Who doesn't love a good conspiracy?

There's a Star Wars/Star Trek-themed USO Benefit at a Piano Bar Friday, and Chewie Will Be There

Chewie actor Peter Mayhew will be there, in that shirt if God answers prayers.
Could Captain Kirk kick Han Solo's ass? Is Spock more wise and knowledgeable than C-3PO? Phasers or light sabers? Would you rather spend a romantic evening with Android Andrea or Princess Leia? Who possesses more power, Kahn or Emperor Palpatine?

Some of these important questions may be boozily discussed at Louie Louie's Piano Bar in Arlington on Friday, as a sci-fi themed USO benefit show takes over. Be warned, though, the road ahead may be a nerdy one.

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Canine Cribs. These Amazing Dog Houses Were Built In Dallas.

dog house woof cycle.JPG
Woofcycled, designed and constructed by Marvelous Home Makeovers, LLC
You've caught him chewing on your Design Within Reach catalogs, so you realize that your dog has an appreciation for contemplative construction. And still, he sleeps in a lousy cage like a Dickensian criminal. Change that during the SPCA of Dallas' Designer Dog Home for the Holidays event at NorthPark Center.

Sitting and staying between Dillard's and Macy's from November 9 to the 25 will be a collection of 11 plush digs for dogs -- all of which are created by local businesses and organizations on behalf of the Greater Dallas Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

We got a sneak peek at the houses, because, why wouldn't we? They're amazing. Some are modeled after old-timey fire stations, mid-century modern patio lounges or woodsy log cabins. All are phenomenal. They'll be raffled off, so purchase tickets for your favorite canine crib during the event and then keep your fingers crossed (all of that money goes back to the SPCA of Dallas).

Now, let's look at photos of our very favorites.

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Karen Blessen, Local Art Hero, Needs Your Help to Land a Marigold Ideas for Good Grant

karen blessen.JPG
Danny Fulgencio
One of our 2010 MasterMind Award Winners, Karen Blessen, submitted an idea back in June for one of six monthly Marigold Ideas for Good grants, which funds ideas to improve communities through art. And now she's a finalist.

Blesen made it through the initial judging period to become one of 15 "June" finalists. Polls are officially open for the public voting round, and will remain so through 6:59 p.m. local time on August 6, with the $5,000 grant recipient being announced "on or around" August 14.

Contestants -- all of whom must be over the age of 50 to qualify -- submit a series of essays during the months of April through September detailing ideas that "address a community, national or international social problem."

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FashionABLE Trunk Sale at Gypsy Wagon on Saturday Means Women Calling Shots, Changing Lives

The women of Dallas do a lot of questionable things for fashion: ripping out hair from their nether regions by the roots; teetering within an inch of a sprained ankle on platforms; squatting naked while having cold chemicals sprayed up the length of their bodies, inevitably leaving a trail of Mystic Tan throughout their wardrobes, car interiors and homes. But sometimes the women of Dallas do things for fashion that are absolutely awesome (and sane!).

On Saturday, the Gypsy Wagon is hosting a fasionABLE trunk show, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A nonprofit organization helping women in Africa build sustainable businesses, fashionABLE's first priority is a "transformative cycle" where women strengthen other women, helping lift them from the desperation of generational poverty and systematic abuse. Like so:

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Dallas Artist Simeen Farhat Made One Damned Cool Phone Booth for the Streets of London

Dallas artist Simeen Farhat with Out of the Box.
London was infiltrated by a host of new "phone boxes" this summer, and while none of them to our knowledge is equipped for time/space travel, there is one in particular that we love.

2010 MasterMinds nominee and Dallas-based Pakistani artist Simeen Farhat's donation, Outside the Box, is a jigsaw tooled, literature-laced exercise in visual linguistics with words culled from poems and treatises by Byron, Fitzgerald, Nietzsche, Pushkin, Li Bai, Rumi, Omar Khayyam, Khalil Gibran and Ghalib. As of yesterday afternoon, the ArtBoxes are up for auction on eBay, with proceeds benefiting ChildLine.

Farhat's our clear favorite, of course, but the others are not bad in their own rights. (Who are we kidding? They're incredible). Need this for your home or gallery? Bid on Farhat's here.

Play With Local Kittens From Your Computer, Like A Kind-Hearted Robot

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I prefer more stimulating games, thank you.

The Humane Society of Dallas has a cool, new gadget installed in its catitentiary. It puts us one step closer to existing in the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? And you know what? I ain't mad about it.

Just click this link and you'll go to a magical place. There, you'll control three different dangly cat toys from a panel of toggle buttons on your screen. Next, move the live-feed camera around and see if your offer has produced any furry takers. It likely will not, considering two of the toys seem remarkably over-calibrated. They fling around terrifyingly and seem better suited for lion training exercises than domesticated kitten playtime. Still, it's a pretty great work break.

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PRIDE Power Hour Fundraiser Thursday at the W!

Or, we could get cray at the W's Wet Deck for Resource Center Dallas' Pride Power Hour!
Back in college, a "power hour" was a drinking game where two very drunk, and likely underage, idiots tried to drink one shot of beer per minute for a full hour. As an adult, we still rock that shit, but now we just call it "happy hour at Goodfriend."

These days, the phrase "power hour" has a slightly more colorful meaning, a rainbow one, to be exact, and it's a hell of a lot cooler than a dorm room and Keystone Light. The Resource Center Dallas' Pride Power Hour hits Dallas like a stack of bricks (or a brick shit-house, if your queen is stacked) on Thursday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the 16th floor Wet Deck at the W in Uptown.

Tickets are $20, and all proceeds benefit the leading service organization for the LGBT community. Per the press release:

Each guest will receive three "sips" (or drinks) per ticket, choosing from bubbly provided by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly or one of the W Hotel's signature cocktails. (A full cash bar will also be available.) In addition, each guest will automatically be entered in a prize drawing for a free night's stay at W Hotel! Hors d'oeuvres will be enjoyed in the Wet Deck's "al fresco" atmosphere - the 16th story outdoor space provides an elegant and exclusive vantage point over downtown Dallas.
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Going, Going, Gone: ArtSlam Was Big Art, Little Money for a Good Cause

Steve Paul Productions / Facebook
It was highway robbery, but no one called the cops. Sunday evening's ArtSlam saw walls of high-quality, locally-created paintings, photographs, and schwag walk out the doors of Steve Paul Productions in Deep Ellum for just pennies on their estimated values. However, every name scribbled and every hand raised during the auction amounted to "pennies" well spent, with each red cent going to support Dallas' premier literary nonprofit, WordSpace.

We reported on Friday that, per WordSpace program director Karen X. Minzer, in addition to the organization's regular dynamic programming, they are currently in talks with perennial Mixmaster favorite and Brooklyn-based performance artist, Hennessy Youngman, regarding a potential saunter down Dallas way to cause a "Happening." As a result, we headed out more urgently than ever to drop some cold hard cash on that shit.

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