MAGCON Tour Brought a New Generation of Celebrities to Dallas

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Yep, don't recognize any of these 'celebrities'

On Sunday night on the fourth floor of the Irving Convention Center, about 300 tween to early-teen girls stood, eyes buried in their cellphones, anxiously awaiting their favorite social media stars. You know, the ones they've seen on Youtube. Think #AlexfromTarget and the like.

It's the new era of fame. You don't need radio or TV, or even an agent to get you thousands and millions of adoring fans. All you really need is some sort of talent, a social media platform to display it, and of course, a face 12-year-old girls will fawn over. The event that served as the bridge between the social media stars and their fans was MAGCON, a sort of variety show/meet-and-greet that features these Internet celebrities.

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QueerBomb Dallas Plans Alternative Pride Event To Protest Anti-Gay Parade Sponsors

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Stephen Masker

It's no secret that QueerBomb Dallas has been highly critical of the Alan Ross Freedom Parade that is set to kick off this Sunday afternoon. Earlier this year, QueerBomb hosted their own alternative pride parade that was free of corporate sponsorship and placed a larger focus on highlighting gender and racial diversity. Even though their parade has already been held, QueerBomb is continuing to highlight the way that Dallas Pride isn't exactly representative of the city's LGBT community.

In addition to concerns about a startling lack of racial and gender diversity among grand marshals during the parade's decades-long tenure, activists from QueerBomb are now charging that the Dallas Tavern Guild (the group that organizes the Alan Ross Freedom Parade) is partnering with companies that don't have the best interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in mind.

Because Pride is hosted on Cedar Springs Avenue, home to most of the city's gay bars, it has been long linked with drinking alcohol. As such, Heineken is the official beer of Dallas Pride, and occupies a prominent place in the event's logo. Heineken is distributed in the United States by Andrews Distributing, owned by Barry Andrews. Earlier this year, Andrews hosted a fundraiser for virulently anti-gay Texas Lieutenant Governor candidate Dan Patrick in his home. It's also worth noting that Heineken doesn't provide protections for their transgender employees.

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Put Away the Ice Bucket and Try the Tacos and Beer Challenge for Abortion

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Like we needed another reason.
If you haven't been inundated with the "ice bucket challenge," then obviously you're not on Facebook (congratulations) or perhaps dead. For the past few weeks, thousands of people, including some of your favorite celebrities, such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Patrick Stewart, have been pouring buckets of water and ice over their heads and posting videos of it online to raise awareness and money to research a cure for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

And it's worked out pretty damn well, at least in the short term. According to the ALS Association, more than $70 million dollars has been raised by the viral campaign, and donations continue to flood in. Initially, if you chose to dump the bucket of ice water over your head, you were supposed to donate $10 to ALS research. If you refused, you donate $100.

Which left feminist, journalist and former Observer staffer Andrea Grimes, now a senior political reporter at RH Reality Check, a little confused. "After watching the ice bucket challenge, I kept seeing videos that never mentioned ALS and asking people about it who didn't know why ice buckets were a thing," she said via email. Then, she decided to spin off the idea to raise money for a cause that is close to her heart, abortion funding -- with one major twist.

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Six Reasons You're a $30,000 Millionaire in Dallas and Should Prove it on Television

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Is your confidence high and your bank account low? Do you sometimes post pictures of your latest ATM withdrawl on your Instagram? Does your purse cost more than you're worth? Did you drop a couple "hundo" on a new pair of sunglasses only to lose them during a drunken day at the lake?

Then you might just be a $30,000 millionaire.

The producers who brought us Jersey Shore and The Hills (so you know it's going to be good) have begun casting for a new show, $30,000 Millionaires. Here's some information, but before you mail away your bio and headshot, do you really have what it takes? Are you the epitome of "faking it until you make it?"

Here's how you know you're a Dallas 30KM and should prove it on TV:

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Local Man Gets Hometown Date on Bachelorette. We're Proud and Embarrassed.

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If you're not watching this season of The Bachelorette, then you're missing one of the most dramatic seasons on television. Ever. Or at least since Breaking Bad went off the air.

OK, OK, arguably you're not missing much, but we'd like to draw your attention to Marcus Grodd, one of Dallas's very own, who is traveling around the world in TV time to compete for a woman's love. The World Wide Web tells us he's a 26-year-old sports medicine manager, likes Enrique Iglesias, and graduated from Highland Park High School.

And during tonight's episode, ABC will be exploring Dallas through Grodd's eyes, because Marcus and his blue eyes have apparently done a number on Bachelorette Andi Dorfman.

Hopefully we'll see them make out somewhere in Klyde Warren Park and two-step at Billy Bob's. Or eat some Tex-mex. Or ride a mechanical bull. Listen, we don't really know. We're just throwing out possibilities.

And because Marcus has helped Dallas gain some recognition among wine-drinking 50-year-old women, we thought we would highlight his best moments thus far.

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If You're Lazy and Rich Enough, Uber Will Deliver Your Christmas Tree Tomorrow

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Got money to burn and a massive backlog of Elder Skelter episodes to get through? Uber understands.

Tomorrow, December 5, the car service pairs up with Home Depot to sling trees to Dallas' most lethargic. That means you can have a fir delivered for $135 with just a tap on your smartphone screen. (Yes that includes a stand, because digging one out of the garage would require abandoning your couchbed/snack kingdom, and nobody wants that.)

Here's what Uber has to say about it:

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Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Will Be at the NorthPark Center Saturday

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Photo courtesy of LGEPR/Flickr

The pop star who single-handedly made The Dukes of Hazzard much worse than it could have been, and her sister, will be our neck of the woods Saturday.

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson will make a public appearance at NorthPark Center on North Central Expressway, according to a post on the Jessica Simpson Collection's Facebook page. The two will be in the Dillard's store from 1-4 p.m. Saturday signing autographs and meeting with their fans.

The pop sensation sisters are coming to town to promote Jessica's new line of shoes, clothes, handbags and other fashion accessories designed for Dillard's. We assume that Ashlee is there because, well, she had nothing better to do unless she's planning on launching a line of brooding makeup for Hot Topix.

Dallas Museum of Art Director Maxwell Anderson and Wife Jacqueline Are Divorcing

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maxwell and wife.jpg
Photo via Facebook
At the end of a 2012 interview with Maxwell Anderson, the Dallas Museum of Art's Eugene McDermott Director, I asked him what he'd do for employment if he weren't shaking up the museum world.

He took a very short pause. Then, in an affectionate tone, he said he'd apply for, but be rejected from, managing his wife's career.

It was a warm joke, one that rolled off the back of his throat with a practiced, loving humility. Jacqueline has always been a welcome topic with reporters: They were the museum world's Brad and Angelina.

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The 10 Best Dallas Harlem Shake Videos

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The Harlem Shake has taken the internet by storm over the last couple weeks, and Dallas has made an admirable contribution to the meme, if there is such a thing. Here are our 10 local favorites:

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For Three Hours Tomorrow, Ticket Prices for Jekyll and Hyde are Based on Your Hair's Length.

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Jekyll & Hyde's Constantine Maroulis2.jpg
Jekyll & Hyde's Constantine Maroulis
Last week the Observer's theater critic, Elaine Liner, dedicated an entire mini review to the limelight-stealing, self-animating powers of Constantine Maroulis' hair. The locs are currently starring in the Broadway Series musical, Jekyll and Hyde at the AT&T Center, and it seems her words really started something. Now everyone's chatting about his power mane, and its transformative scrunchy magic. Maroulis' hair is officially (unofficially) the talk of Dallas, a rare feat in our scared land of aerosol.

Cashing in on the head cred, the Center has partnered up with Jekyll & Hyde Salon for one of the oddest promotions we've seen. Happening tomorrow, on Tuesday, December 11, those with exceptionally long, lively hair and the frustratingly bald can score big discounts on tickets to see the show. That's because AT&T Center is setting up a remote box office at the salon from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and ticket price will be based on your hair length.

Yes! They'll measure your mane and subtract $10 for every inch of growth. Plus, if you buy a seat to the show, you'll get a $20 voucher for services at Jekyll and Hyde Salon.

See Also: The Five Greatest Hair Moments in the Musical Jekyll and Hyde

Don't worry, bald folks. Your shine will be celebrated with a flat rate, $50 discount. The promotion is only good for premium seats, which rest originally in the $85 to $95 bracket. But whoever gets measured may buy up to 4 passes with their discount, so send that friend who's still rocking hair extensions.