With ArtPrize Set to Launch in 2016, Did Dallas Just Buy a Franchised Art Event?

A detail of 'The Hair Craft Project' by Sonya Clark, winner of half of the split Juried Grand Prize.

Last week I found myself in a debate with an artist about the annual fundraiser Art Con. This artist has decidedly never participated in the construction of an art piece to be auctioned off in the name of charity because in his words, "the art is inconsistent." In my words, he takes it all a bit too seriously. I argued that it's more about the event than the quality of art (he nodded, "exactly") and that for many people it's a gateway to an appreciation of local art and artists. He said something to extent of, "If people are going to be introduced to art for the first time, I'd like it to be with a quality event."

I'm wondering if this artist will like today's news that the city of Dallas entered into a three-year agreement with ArtPrize - the citywide art festival that gives up to $500,000 to participating international artistsĀ - to debut in April 2016.

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Artopia 2015 Pre-Sale Tickets Go Live Today, Plus You Can Still Nominate MasterMinds

Rachael Watts
If you're reading this, you're invited to an art party. Artopia 2015 is just around the corner. Tickets for the general public won't be released until Friday, but as a reader of this blog you have access to the pre-sale tickets which arrive today. At 10 a.m. today ticket sales on the Web site go live, if you use the promo code: MIXMASTER.

If you're into parties, art, booze, or fun, you'd be wise to buy your ticket early, as the event sells out notoriously quick. And this year, we've dreamed up an awesome event for you. Musical acts include the enigmatic George Quartz and art displays from the MasterMind winners and other local artists. Speaking of MasterMinds, we still need you to help us pick who we will receive a chunk of $6000. We pick up to six local artists to spread the money to, based on nominations from anyone inside or around Dallas. Send us an email with the name of the artist, and a link to their work at masterminds@dallasobserver.com. Nominations are due Friday, November 21.

Kardashians Producers Want to Make Bad Girls Club Dallas

That could be you.
Bad girls of Dallas: There's a TV show out there for you and now is your time!
This show isn't what you think it is. This show is called Bad Girls Club and...what? Why are you rolling your eyes? OK, so yeah, this TV show is basically seven girls living under one roof and it just so happens that they're not really your run-of-the-mill Sunday School-going girls.

In the words of Megan Sleeper, a casting director from Bunim/Murray Productions (which also is behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians... Is behind a bad word to use there?), the show is looking for more of the "strong, opinionated girl, who lives life by their own rules and doesn't let others dictate how they should act or live."

Casting directors will be here from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday at The Quarter Bar to sit across about eight to 10 women at one round table and get to know them. Remember: It's important to be your natural spoiled, bad girl-self at all times.

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The Dallas Observer Is Seeking Its 2015 MasterMinds


Enrollment is now open for the Dallas Observer's Fifth Annual MasterMind Awards.

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Soluna Festival in 2015 Has the Potential to Become the City's Coolest Festival

Francisco Moreno
WCD (Washington Crossing the Delaware)

It's not every day you get a press release in your inbox that makes you believe in this "world class city" business people in Dallas are always talking about. But today, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra announced its plans for the inaugural Soluna Festival, a 3-week performing and visual arts feast of local and international artists. And from the sound of it, this festival has the potential to make Dallas a destination during the month of May.

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Wait, Is This the Fugliest Building in Dallas?

Contempo Designs
The Dallas World Trade Center, unfortunately.
We're on an architectural hunt to find the fugliest building in Dallas. The first contender was the AT&T building in East Dallas.

I get stuck in Dallas traffic a lot. It could be typical 8 a.m. rush hour, the noon feeding frenzy or a random 2 p.m. hate spiral of "Hey, let's all look at a dead skunk on the side of the road like it's the damn Mona Lisa." It always sucks, and it always ends in an existential crisis. But there's one place I hate being stuck more than any other. On I-35E North, right around the Oak Lawn Ave. exit. Why? Because right there off the highway is the squat, sad, god-awful, fugly Dallas World Trade Center building.

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#AlexfromTarget on #EllenfromEllen, and Our Brains Are Slowly Melting

#AlexfromTarget with #EllenfromEllen

#AlexfromTarget will appear on the Ellen Show at 3 p.m. Wednesday, and host Ellen DeGeneres gets to the bottom of the entire viral thing.

That's an exaggeration because really the only thing we learn from the segment is that he does in fact work at a Target just outside of Dallas, a.k.a. Frisco, like we told you Monday, and he learned of the photo when his store manager showed it to him.You can wait until 3 p.m or watch it online here.

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Dallas' Zine Scene Is Getting A Little Bit of Love

Courtesy Randy Guthmiller
Randy Guthmiller started a zine to make friends. When he moved back to Dallas after college, he would attend gallery openings and leave without talking to anyone. He needed a conversation starter, an entry point to access the sometimes-insular art scene. So he created, SHAPES, a simple publication filled with colorful, unusual figures printed on plain white copy paper, held together by staples. With it, came the question that decorates nearly every new encounter, "Wanna see some shapes?"

"I started making a zine to have something to start talking to people about," says Guthmiller. "And then they knew what I was all about. Because, well, I like shapes."

SHAPES helped him build a community, because in his description it encourages people to live in the moment. The print product demands physical presence, and the shapes themselves lead to more questions than answers. To flip through an issue is not to see triangles followed by squares; instead, each page contains unidentifiable forms. And more than a dozen issues later, he's interested in spreading the community he's found in zine making by launching a zine publishing business.

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#AlexFromTarget: A Local (We're Guessing) Target Employee Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame

Everywhere on the Internet
Yeah, we don't get it either.

Teenaged girls are a peculiar species. And Twitter is an even weirder place. Put those two together and you have today's No. 1 trending topic that is #alexfromtarget.

Yes, a young girl tweeted a picture of a long-haired boy, who could be plucked out of any current chart-topping boy band, to show the world wide web how cute her Target grocery bagger was. What happened next is something that's impossible to explain to your grandmother -- or really anyone older than the age of 25.

Alex from Target has all of the ingredients to essentially be every normcore, teenaged girl's dream: Target, shaggy hair, and social media documentation to make it all the more legit.

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Need Sand? Cara Mia Theatre Is Giving Away 20 Tons of It, More or Less

Can Turkyilmaz

Maybe you read about the sand show in the Trinity Groves warehouse and thought to yourself, I wonder what they're going to do with all that sand? Build a private beach? Donate it to the local sand volleyball league? At this point, all the theater company knows is that after this weekend, they'll need to get rid of it. All 20 tons of it.

Art Con X starts its official takeover of 500 Singleton Blvd the following week, so time is of the essence. Want some sand for your school's playground? Have an art project that could use a few tons? You can have what you can haul. Pick up will be Monday or Tuesday. You can contact Cara Mia's artistic director at 214-769-4326 or david@caramiatheatre.org to schedule your pick up.