Dallas Symphony Orchestra Announces What Could Become the Signature Arts District Festival


This morning in the foyer of the Meyerson Symphony Center, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra revealed plans for a large-scale festival of the arts. In May 2015, Soluna brings together the city's artistic institutions as the foundation for the festival that will include international artists and commissions of new work.

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Mayor Rawlings Gave Female Artists a Panel of Their Own, Forgot Latinas

Oh, Mikey you're so pretty, can't you understand?

Dear Mayor Rawlings,
The first thing I'd like to say in this very public letter is a big thank you for Dallas Arts Week. From what I can gather, it's your way to bring awareness to the arts, which is, in a sense, my job as well. Samesies! Even if you don't do much other than launch a few marketing initiatives, create a hashtag (#DallasArtsWeek, hashtag predictable) and send out a press release marking April 5-13 as the most artastic week in all of 2014; even if artists do the work for you; and even if they're the same artists who are creating art year round -- well, I won't hold that against you. I'd like to think of it as a work of political conceptual art. It's about the ideas.

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Empire Records Screening hails Rex Manning Day at Sundown at The Granada

Granada Theater

April 8th is like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, your birthday and first time you had sex all rolled into one, lightly fried and smothered in a tangy tomatillo sauce. That's because April 8th is Rex Manning Day. You don't know who Rex Manning is, you say, or why on Earth he would have his own day allocated to him? Allow me to 'splain.

In the cult 90s movie Empire Records, Rex Manning (played to the hilt by Maxwell Caulfield) is the washed up "rock star" coming to make an appearance at Empire Records. Imagine putting Robert Palmer and Tom Jones in blender and adding copious amounts of Velveeta and chest hair. That's Rex. I apologize for putting that image into your head, but hey, erasing things is what gin is for. Anyway, to celebrate the most blessed and august occasion that is Rex Manning Day, Sundown at the Granada and the Dallas Observer's Mixmaster are having a free screening of Empire Records on Sundown rooftop.

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20 Years Strong: The Deep Ellum Arts Festival Returns April 4-6


If you didn't notice, there was a period there when Deep Ellum had a bit of a hard time. Bars closed. Concert venues closed. The tattoo parlors, well, the tattoo parlors seemed oddly unaffected. But you get the idea. General downtrodeness.

But now, with places like Pecan Lodge moving in and cool kid bars re-opening, Deep Ellum seems like it's back. And we're all lucky to have it. But there's one part of Deep Ellum that never went anywhere. The Deep Ellum Arts Festival is celebrating 20 straight years of outdoor music and art, taking over the streets this year April 4- 6.

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Powerful Bachelor Seeks New Queen to Live in the Past

Thumbnail image for KingHenrytakesastroll.jpg
Hold onto your heads, ladies.

Handsome king seeks beautiful young lass for lifetime of revelry as King and Queen of Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

Ladies, don your finest wig, tighten your corset and wiggle into silk knickers. The medieval revelry returns to the sweeping plains of Waxahachie April 5, and this time the monarch is available. The only caveat? The king is Henry VIII.

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Seven Ways Sex and the City Would've Been Different in Dallas


Sarah Jessica Parker will be in Dallas on March 9 to promote her shoe line and probably make Nordstrom's in NorthPark a giant nightmare of starstruck women of all ages. The department store won't be safe to go near for an entire afternoon.
SJP is best known as her New York-based character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. To celebrate her upcoming arrival, here are seven ways the HBO series would have been different if it was set in Dallas.

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The Oscars Happened! Jesus and Many Moms Were There, Looking Un-mom-like

Ellen radiates loveliness in a lovely pantsuit dress.

Last night, the Oscars happened. The set had tons of Oscars condoms blown up like balloons in the background. Epic. And lots of people watched as Oscars were given to the movies that were the most Oscar-y for being super Oscar-y. But more important: WOMEN IN DRESSES. There were boobie dresses, pregnant dresses, pantsuit dresses -- every dress was there.

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13 Awesome Things To Do in Dallas this Weekend, Feb 27 - March 2

Thumbnail image for JoshuaGoode.jpg
Have you ever been to an art show and asked yourself, is this guy shitting me? At Joshua Goode's exhibit that opens at RO2 Art this weekend, the answer is yes. Ostensibly, Artifacts from the Burial Site of the Unicorn T-Rex contains Goode's findings from a dig in Germany, where he discovered an ancient civilization of pygmies and domesticated dinosaurs. But you don't really believe that ... do you?

It opens Saturday at the downtown gallery.

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The Mixmaster is Looking for Freelance Writers


It's been a minute since we here at the Observer put out a notice for local freelance writers for this little arts and culture blog, The Mixmaster. But here we are, looking you straight in the eye with the simple question, are you the one we want?

It's a question only you can answer, but here a few more specifics on what we're looking for:

A Resident Art Nerd We're looking for someone to contribute criticism and commentary on visual arts on a freelance basis. You'll need a passion for and background in visual arts and some professional writing experience.

A Know-it- All If Dallas culture is your thing, if you keep track of everything from theater to local film to all the cool events, hit us up. We want to party with you and your writing.

Etc. We need freelancers to contribute 1-3 posts per week covering specific genres they're specifically interested in and for which they can demonstrate some passion. Specifically, we're looking for people to write about: visual arts, comedy, dance, TV, film, etc.

Will you be my new girl Friday? Send an email identifying yourself with attached writing samples to lauren.smart@dallasobserver.com.

Everything You Need to Know about the Dallas Symphony's Just-Announced 2014-2015 Season

On Sunday night, at a celebratory event for orchestra subscribers at the Meyerson symphony center, the Dallas Symphony announced its 2014/2015 classical and pops lineup. The good news? More concerts and more new music on the programs. Here are the highlights:

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