Dallas Gets a British Invasion this April by Artist Michael Craig Martin

Dallas Public Library
Michael Craig Martin Won't Be Coming to Dallas quietly.

This year for its annual charity fundraiser MTV:REDEFINE, taking place on April 10, the Goss-Michael Foundation, in keeping with its educational mission, has adopted a more public attitude. The exclusive fundraiser that auctions off work from artists the likes of Mario Testino, David Salle, and Julian Schnabel will stay fancy and exclusive. But surrounding the main event, the foundation has teamed up with everyone from the Dallas Museum of Art to the Dallas Public Library to publicly display work from this year's featured artist, Michael Craig Martin.

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Sigh No More, Ladies. Shakespeare in the Bar Is Back Tonight.

Lauren Smart
Shakespeare + Beer= Love

Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one hunched over the keyboard in that corner cubicle too far away from the window to see that the sun is shining and you're missing out on one of the few spring days we'll have this year. It's glorious outside. The striking splendor of today demands you forget that it's Monday and you won't get paid until Friday. Happy hour starts directly after work. Our food blog put out a list of best patios in Dallas today. And once you're feeling glassy eyed, you'll want to hop across town and see what is becoming one of our favorite new Dallas events: Shakespeare in the Bar. Tonight at 9 p.m. a rowdy group of young actors will perform one of Billy's great comedies, Much Ado About Nothing.

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First Look at Fort Worth's Literary Speakeasy, Thompson's Bookstore

Jenni Hanley

By Jenni Hanley
If you'd asked several years ago, most people would've balked at the idea of waiting more than 15 seconds for a cocktail. But today, double-digit ingredient lists and bartending-as-art are all but expected, and while Dallas is no stranger to the trend, its western cousin has been slow to adopt it.

Enter Thompson's. In addition to bringing back traditional cocktails, Fort Worth's newest watering hole and speakeasy is bringing back the art of seduction. According to owners Glen Keely and William Wells (the folks behind Poag Mahones Irish Pub), that means good music, good conversation, and most importantly, good booze.

It all starts with a good space. Since it was built in 1910, downtown's nostalgic 1900s building has served a lot of purposes: a pharmacy, a coffee shop, a bookstore, and more recently, Bar 9. Today's cocktail lounge is named after one of the old tenants, Thompson's Bookstore.

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These Statues Are All Over Dallas Right Now. No, They're Not Birdman.

Discovery Green
These beauts came to us by way of Houston from Mexico.

A series of winged, masked men are all over Dallas. And no, they're not tardy promos for Birdman. They've popped up in Facebook and Instagram news feeds, captioned with varying degrees of creeped out and surprise, as they appeared with little to no explanation March 7.

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Donald Fowler's Musical Thriller, Creep, to Debut at WaterTower Theatre in October


In fall of 2013, tucked away in a small upstairs space in the Kalita Humphreys Theatre in Turtle Creek, a small cast of actors began to sing the first few lines of a musical. Recognizable from a staged reading at the Out of the Loop Fringe Festival in 2010, the work had a new energy. In this workshop production, Donald Fowler's thriller musical deconstructs the story of Jack the Ripper, under the long but apt moniker, Creep (the very, very sad but unfortunately true and completely fabricated tale of Jack the Ripper). This week, WaterTower Theatre announced it will present the official world premiere of the musical as its season opener.

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10 Things We'd Like to See in Exposition Park, Before It Gets Yuppi-fied

Jesse Hughey

Last week I made an appointment to see a loft in Exposition Park just before news hit that Amsterdam Bar would be closing. This on the heels of the Meridian Room's shuttering thinned the neighborhood of its history. Walking to my car from Craft & Growler late Saturday night, the only signs of life were at Pizza Lounge, which is a greasy, sloppy drunk, and only marginally delicious version of life. Expo was empty, and empty doesn't feel safe for a young, single woman. I cancelled my appointment.

Of course, it didn't take long for developers to swoop in, with announcements yesterday of two bar/food places headed to Expo. And while the neighborhood's not completely empty, we figure we'd offer our suggestions to any real estate developers looking for them before they yuppi-fy the place.

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The Dallas Flea Is the City's Most Interesting Shopping Experience

Dallas Flea

There are plenty of places to go shopping in Dallas, maybe more than just about any other city in the world. Most of those shops, though, are corporate chains that just don't need any more of our money. There are dozens of small businesses that we're happy to support, but it's harder to connect directly with the artisans who hand-make everything from soap to furniture.

That's where The Dallas Flea comes in. Founded in 2009 by a former DailyCandy and Dallas Morning News editor, the "upscale flea market" occurs a few times a year and features vendors of all kinds from all over the country. Annually, The Dallas Flea attracts upwards of 5,000 shoppers, and a recent move from SouthSide on Lamar to Trinity Groves will allow the event to further attract more people.

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Dallas Medianale Wraps Up for 2015

Dallas Medianale

Last Saturday marked the closing program of Dallas Medianale, the experimental film festival that's been at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary since early January. The festival has featured seated screenings, video art installations and intermedia performances curated by an array of artists, art educators and curators involved with the Video Association of Dallas -- the organization responsible for Medianale -- including Michael A. Morris, Charles Dee Mitchell, Danielle Avram-Morgan and Carolyn Sortor.

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Dallas Artist Rob Wilson Creates Touching Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Rob Wilson

Today, the world was dealt a sad blow. Leonard Nimoy, Spock of 'Star Trek,' died at 83. "Live Long and Prosper" popped up numerous times in my newsfeed, stories of Nimoy and Star Trek were everywhere, but one tribute caught my eye. Rob Wilson, local artist and graphic designer extraordinaire, created a simple, touching image with the caption, "Beam Him Up."

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Forget #TheDress, Here's What to Read on the Dallas Internet Right Now

Mike Daisey was interview by local performer John Michael on TheaterJones.

If you're tired of hearing about the dress of many colors, the Internet offers numerous alternatives. Lately, Dallas writers have flooded the Internet with words worth reading. And while I'm obviously biased toward the writing you'll find on the pages of DallasObserver.com, there are some articles out there about the arts that no one on our staff or in our bevy of freelancers has the expertise to write. Rather than waste your time with my take on their take on that one thing, I determined to bring back the artifacts from my last deep dig around the Dallas Wide Web. Here's your reading list for this blustery Friday.

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