10 Best Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops in Dallas

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Savvy shoppers are always on the hunt for a good deal. Trust fund babies and lottery winners aside, stylish thrifters know to head to vintage shops when they're looking for champagne flutes on a beer glass budget.

Still, as the "vintage" trend continues to explode, there are a number of so-called "shops"that function as dumping sites for people's old junk. Experienced thrifters may learn to love the search for treasure, but no one wants to sort through piles of ratty, outdated clothing and racks of chipped dishware. Thankfully, Dallas has a number of vintage and thrift stores that put a lot of thought into curating interesting collections from their secondhand offerings. These are ten of the best.

Lula B's
2639 Main St; 1010 N Riverfront Blvd
Lula B's gets a lot of credit for their selection of furniture, mostly mid-century, but this thrift-store-slash-antique-mall has so much more to offer. Spend a little time going through the piles of costume jewelry and stacks of old postcards that vendors use mostly as decoration for their bigger wares. That being said, I did score an old Herman Miller desk chair there for less than $100, so you shouldn't skip out on the furniture bargains either.

2025 Abrams Pkwy
There could be no name more apt for this Lakewood shop than Curiosities. Those among us who find design inspiration in the quirky and utterly weird will certainly find something to love in this well-curated collection. A case of vintage jewelry is a particular gold mine, along with a china cabinet piled with buckets full of random, assorted small things, like old political campaign buttons, Scrabble tiles, and weird old coins. Even though this shop is small, give yourself plenty of time to check it out. There are thousands of treasures tucked inside.

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schultzybeckett topcommenter

Great  collection here.good and fancy items are  available  here at  the  reasonable prices.In these difficult economic times, they serve a major function in keeping the local economy moving. 

Schultzy  http://pawnutah.com/

Barry Kooda
Barry Kooda

No mention of any Thrift Town location, Goodwill Stores or Garland Road Thrift.


When hunting for cowboy boots for wedding, I had the chance to make the rounds to many of these stores. I was able to find four pairs and none where over $40.  The boys re-donated their boots after the wedding but I kept my Lucchese find...fun fun fun.


@jdoug52 The Genesis Benefit Store and Ross at Peak Thrift Store(ahem) are also bonafide thrift shops.  Four out of ten for an article about both is perfectly reasonable.  Sounds like someone just has a lot of ridiculous anti-hipster angst. 

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