The Bachelorette Runner-Up Marcus Grodd on Dating in Dallas: "It's so Clique-ish"

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There's a chance you've already forgotten about The Bachelorette's Marcus Grodd. OK, so there's also a chance you don't give shits about The Bachelorette. But, let's say you do care. In that case, you might remember last week's hometown date with Marcus that took place almost entirely in Highland Park Village.

Last week on reality television, the titular female, Andi just couldn't catch up to Marcus' feelings, leaving him without a rose - The Bachelorette equivalent of "You are the weakest link, goodbye." Since then, dating has been nonexistent for the Dallas native.

Or so he says.

During a conference call with journalists from around the world - including your favorite culture blog, Mixmaster - Marcus said he's still in the process of getting over Andi and is just enjoying being around family and friends.

Hmm, is that so, Marcus?

Because Reality Steve seems to think you became engaged to this woman during the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise (which is apparently a thing).

But us journalists were quickly shut down when we asked questions about either the engagement or being on the reality spinoff. So instead, our ears were filled with soft answers, like his dating life is "nonexistent" and that he's actually still trying to get over Andi.

"It took a little bit of time getting over her and I'm still continuing the process of doing that, just like any relationship or breakup," Grodd says. "It's tough getting over that."

If you don't remember, Marcus was the first one out of this batch to tell Andi he loved her. He said he isn't always that open, and he's generally pretty closed off and guarded.
We aren't sure what to believe because according to Reality Steve he proposed to his fiancé Lacy Faddoul just three weeks into their relationship. I guess when Marcus falls, he falls hard.

But maybe he was just thrilled to be out of the Dallas dating scene?

"It is pretty tough to date in the Dallas scene," he said. "I live in the uptown area and everybody knows everyone. It's a very small clique, so I think finding a truly genuine and sweet girl is difficult because everyone wants to be a part of the party scene, so it's kind of hard to find a girl that really wants to settle down and see the future with somebody because it is so clique-ish and everyone knows everyone. It's hard to break out here in Dallas."

As far as the show goes, he doesn't regret that private second strip tease in a Highland Park Village building; said his exit interview was driven by embarrassment; and about that "I'm glad you're a good eater" line: "We had a couple of conversations because I joked with her several times during dates about how I love how she's a real girl and how she can actually eat something besides a salad."

OK, thank God. It was an inside joke, not some weird Andi-being-a-mother thing.

For a good laugh or some behind-the-scene action, go ahead and visit Marcus's Instagram. Because apparently earning a spot on The Bachelorette is good for your social media cred.

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I live in Uptown and very happy not to know him.

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