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So, that's why they call it "FIT"

Tucked into a sleepy neighborhood on the edge of White Rock Lake, the Bath House Cultural Center is one of those venues only locals know. It's part theater, party art gallery and the terrace overlooks the lake with a view of downtown Dallas in the distance. When the Texas sun sets and sky swims in pinks and purples, there are very places more picturesque in the entire city.

For much of the year, the space hosts small art exhibitions or occasionally a play, but for four weeks every summer, the Festival of Independent Theatres offers you just the excuse you need to visit this small Dallas treasure at the corner of NorthCliff and E. Lawther Drives. But navigating to the Bath House Cultural Center is just the first step.

Starting Friday, June 11 and continuing for four weeks, the festival presents a variety of shows by eight companies that range from a new spin on Mark Twain's The Diaries of Adam and Eve to two movement-based pieces, one about sleepwalking and the other about a clown on a quest to save the world's happiness.

"It's year 16 for FIT and I'm happy to say that it looks like the festival is finally growing up," managing director David Meglino says. "It's eight new plays by eight great companies, some of whom are new to us, some longtimers, and some back after a long absence."

To see all of the plays, you'll have to plan ahead. In FIT tradition, the shows are scheduled in blocks of two, with each show running under an hour.

To attend all eight shows in just two days, you'll want to wait for the second week of the festival to attend both the evening of Thursday, July 17 and all-day Saturday, July 19. Otherwise planning your schedule will be a bit like a Sudoku game to line up the perfect combination without repeating, as the pairings are a bit scrambled. Of course, by week four, it's likely you may have forgotten the shows from week one or will want to see a particular play more than once. If you want to organize your theater-going, here's the calendar.

Here's the lowdown on this year's festival:

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