Dallas Museum of Art Lands Exclusive Jackson Pollock Exhibition

© The Pollock-Krasner Foundation ARS, NY and DACS, London 2014
Jackson Pollock's "Yellow Islands," 1952

It seems we can expect great things from Gavin Delahunty. Just two months into his tenure as the Hoffman Family senior curator of contemporary art, he's making huge strides to bolster the Dallas Museum of Art's interest in modern art. One such effort is his curation of an exhibition of Jackson Pollock's work dedicated to a phase of work known as his Black Pourings.

Thursday morning the DMA announced that it will host Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots in November 2015. This collaboration with the Tate Liverpool, where Delahunty previously served as head of exhibitions and displays, promises a wide display of Pollock's work focusing on a period in his career long ignored.

"While several of Jackson Pollock's contemporaries combined black and white, his Black Pourings were exceptional in their absolute merging of color and surface, which went over and above what Pollock himself had previously achieved; this is a crucial difference for many contemporary artists revisiting Pollock's work today," said Delahunty. "This exhibition will invite visitors to rediscover this critical moment in Pollock's artistic development and inform a greater understanding of the artist's distinctive trajectory."

The exhibition will show at the Tate Liverpool next summer before traveling to the DMA. It will contain significant loans from U.S., Asian and European collections, as well as important works drawn from the collections of the DMA and Tate.

For more information visit dma.org.

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Outstanding job Mr. Delahunty  I am so looking forward to this exhibit.


If you have to ask you'll probably never get it...

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