Oddball Is Coming Back to Dallas, with Louis CK, Marc Maron, Sarah Silverman and Others

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The scene at last year's Oddball in Austin.
Funny or Die's touring comedy show, the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival, is coming back to Dallas this fall, with an even stronger lineup than last year: Louis CK, Marc Maron, Hannibal Buress, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Ross, Whitney Cummings and still others. The show is Friday, September 19, at Gexa Energy Pavilion. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, presumably here, although there are no details on the site.

Last year's version, at a packed and sweaty and hungry Gexa, featured Buress rapping, abject weirdness from Kristen Schaal, a tight set from Demetri Martin, a Flight of the Conchords performance that was thoroughly underappreciated, and Dave Chappelle, sitting on a stool, smoking, collecting a check. With CK and a few more food trucks, this year's should be even better.

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Sotiredofitall topcommenter

What a truly terrible venue for stand up comedy


Hey, at least it's not August like 2013's was. Joe, I appreciate you telling it like it was with this line: "Dave Chappelle, sitting on a stool, smoking, collecting a check." Flight of the Conchords did turn in a great set and possibly one of the last of them we'll ever see.


Why do they do this at Gexa, in Texas, in the SUMMER?!? There are plenty of indoor venues that would be able to accommodate the ticket demand for something of this ilk.  

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