Space Jam Kicks Off the Granada Theater's Summer Mockbusters Series

Granada Theater

People who talk through movies are the absolute worst. No matter how funny the clever asides may be, nobody likes a movie talker. But sometimes there's nothing better than quoting along with or poking fun at an old film - especially if the person doing the poking is a stand-up comedian. How can we find the best of both worlds? The Granada Theater came up with a solution.

This concert venue/ movie screening haven on Greenville Avenue debuts its new Mockbusters series, during which local comedians and the rest of us plebeians can tweet jokes that will appear on a live Tweet screen running next to the film. They're stacking the Tweet deck by inviting the funny guys and gals from Dallas Comedy House. It kicks off Saturday, June 21 at 7 p.m. with Space Jam and continues monthly with Con Air (July 11) and Armageddon (August 9).

Sure, folks at this blog helped them brainstorm the idea, but the Granada Theater is making it happen and we'll be there with fully charged phones and jokes. In fact, we're listening to the theme song on repeat all week to prep. More info available at

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Let me get this straight. You "brainstormed" this idea and just HAPPENED to pick the SAME film Master Pancake, who have almost 15 years of experience doing this, will be doing at Alamo onthe 29th? REALLY? How dumb do you think your readers are??


So they're copying Alamo Drafthouse's Master Pancake Theater? (Not to mention MST3K, Cinematic Titanic, and Rifftrax)


@blueval2 Yes a ripoff of a ripoff but at least Master Pancake gave a shout out to Mystery Science Theater 3000. They called themselves Mister Sinus Theater I believe until they were asked to change it.

Master Pancake has also done Con Air and Armageddon which the Granada plans to do as well. Nobody has a trademark on the style of comedy but it's bad form to give no credit to predecessors and choosing the same movies is lame. Especially beating Master Pancake to Dallas with Space Jam. C'mon guys.

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