Are You a Cabana Boy? You're Needed and 7 Other Posts You'll Find Only on Craigslist.

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Imagine you're sitting in the Observer office on your lunch break scrolling through Craigslist when suddenly you're locking eyes with the screen shot of this guy, who coincidentally bears a vague a resemblance to Catfish guy.

He asks you the tough questions. Do you like office work? What about ice cream? How about peacefully partying? As a matter of fact, I'm peacefully partying at my desk right now, prettyeyes.

You begin to look a little deeper into his eyes and are suddenly struck by the idea that you can save the world. Or at least, pitch your editor the idea of turning your Craigslist finds into a blog post, which she accepts without batting an eye that you spend your workday on this website. OK, you can stop imagining now and read the real live blog post in front of you. You can't make this stuff up.


Better brush up on your rum-pouring technique!


I'm really glad no experience is required because that's the ONE thing not on my resume.


The lone wolf act just isn't working anymore. He's looking for more than a wingman, he's looking for a wing friend.

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Reminds me of my current apt search- funny article!


on your lunch break.......yeah, right.

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