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Flashback Dallas

The Internet overflows with long lost treasures. You can find people from your past, research moments in history and dig up photos of bygone years. Local blogger Paula Bosse started Flashback Dallas in February to share her penchant for discovering the way we were. She keeps her site chock-full of photographs and anecdotes from the city's yesteryears.

You can browse photos of vintage Texas Rangers pennants or see the plot of land upon which Highland Park Village now sits. Her most recent post chronicles the original theater row on Elm Street in Dallas (take that, arts district!). And though there's much discussion of the Majestic Theatre's prior compatriots, Bosse found something new in her research.

"I really love the obscure stuff," she says. "I was most thrilled learning about the Telenews Theater that you see in one of the postcards - a theater that opened in 1941 and showed nothing but newsreels. Who knew?"

As a longtime history buff, Bosse says she's endlessly fascinated with unearthing Dallas archives and she updates her Wordpress site every time she comes across something that strikes her fancy.

"One cool thing always leads to another cool thing," she says. "Dallas is endlessly fascinating."

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I'd love to see a regular column by Ms Bosse. I'm a relatively recent resident and while I like Dallas ok, it never seemed particularly interesting. But she's got a keen eye for the obscure lost details that make Dallas far more interesting than it seems at first. It's been called the "city without a history", but she's proving that wrong!

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

There is another local blogger who used to do this exact thing at THIS paper, and it was magnificent, sadly he left, and apparently so did any nostalgic posts about Dallas here


@jansobjust get her through feedly or you can like her on Facebook

"It's been called the "city without a history" only by those who don't know the history. Dallas has always had a strong interest in history when you look at Old City Park (Dallas Heritage Society), Dallas Historical Society Preservation Dallas and more. you can always go down to the 7th floor of the Dallas Library and see what they have in the Texas/Dallas History Division. Check out their Historic Photograph files

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