Nerd Out at Halt and Catch Fire Watching Party on Sundown at Granada Rooftop

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We've been talking about AMC's new show Halt and Catch Fire for months. If we sound a bit excited, it's because we are. In fact, we've been nerding out so hard, we convinced our cool friends over at Sundown at the Granada to invite us over to watch it on the big screen. They didn't want to be seen hanging out with just us (it was something about our pocket protectors), so they decided to invite you guys too.

Catch the free screenings on the rooftop of Sundown at the Granada, at 9 p.m. Sundays, beginning June 1.

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bvckvs topcommenter

This series promises to be a serious disappointment.  The backdrop will be the reverse engineering of the PC, but the bulk of the story will be very bad soap-opera style drama.

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