Rio Ritz Boutique is Now Open (Photos)

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Photos by Catherine Downes
Uptown welcomed trendy and affordable women's boutique, Rio Ritz, this past weekend. The shop, which is located at 2722 Routh, was created by retail and fashion enthusiast, Thais Moses.

Moses was born in Brazil, which is where she said the name "Rio Ritz" stems from. Moses studied at the Wade College of Fashion & Design at the Dallas InfoMart, and has helped direct fashion shows in town for large-scale retail stores like Stanley Korshak and Neiman Marcus.

She has always had a knack for fashion "where I come from in Brazil, there is culture, versatility, and individuality in style. [These] are things that inspire me." The overall vibe of the boutique is laid back, and features items that range from $25 to $75 a piece. "I want girls to come enjoy a glass of wine, chat, and feel like they're coming to their best girlfriend's house to find an outfit," Moses explains "there will always be wine here."

Thais Moses





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