Here's a Quick Guide to the USA Film Festival Opening Tonight

Fading Gigolo

Just a few weeks after the Dallas International Film Festival packed up its reels and stuffed them into storage, the USA Film Festival has arrived, beginning today at the Angelika Film Center. Although, you may not remember it was happening there are plenty of movie screenings, talk-backs and events for you attend this week. Plus most of the film screenings are a mere $10, and some are free. The festival opens tonight with Fading Gigolo, which features an all-star cast, including Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara and John Turturro. The film will be followed with a talk hosted by Stephen Tobolowsky.

Here's the lineup for the rest of the week:

Tuesday, April 22
7 p.m. Fading Gigolo
7 p.m. Particle Fever chronicles six scientists while they launch the Large Hadron Collider. Director Mark Levinson will be in attendance.

Wednesday, April 23
6 p.m. El Camino del Vino is a faux-documentary style comedy about a guy who loses his ability to taste wine, which is the end of a career if, you know, you're a wine expert. After the movie, there will be a wine tasting, but those tickets are already sold out, so sorry about that.
7 p.m. Texas Shorts I is a compilation of shorts, including Amazin' Grace, Fright Lite, and wait for it... The Granny Globetrotter, which is about, you guessed it, grandmothers playing basketball. AND the little grey-headed ladies will be in attendance. So that right there seems like reason enough to attend.
7 p.m. Tasting Menu

Thursday, April 24
7 p.m. Stephen Tolobowsky hosts The Shorts
7 p.m. Orson Welles' Othello will be a flashback to mid-20th century film mastery. This restored digital print is Welles' adaptation of one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedy.
7:30 p.m. Love is a Verb is a documentary about the now-international social movement of Sufi-inspired Sunni Muslims that began in Turkey in the 1960s.

Friday, April 25
7 p.m. Clutter is a story of family bonds, aging parents, and well, hoarding. It stars comedienne Carol Kane ("Taxi"). She will be in attendance at the screening.
7:15 p.m. Life's A Breeze is an Irish comedy. A home makeover goes awry when a family discovers they tossed their grandmother's savings out with the mattress. Fionnula Flanagan in attendance.
8 p.m. Tribute to Morgan Fairchild
9 p.m. Narrative Shorts
9 p.m. Student Shorts
9:15 p.m. Texas Shorts II

Saturday, April 26
5 p.m. Il Sorpasso is another film classic that has become a favorite of modern directors. It's an old school buddy road trip flick.
5 p.m. Meet the filmmakers and talk with Stephen Tobolowsky plus High School Shorts
7 p.m. Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D. Need I explain?
7 p.m. Finding Neighbors is a movie where the title says it all. In Los Angeles good neighbors are hard to come by, here is a story about people looking for neighbors. The entire cast will be in attendance, but you won't recognize any of them until after the movie.
8 p.m. Tribute to Linda Gray. We have been told Dallas loves Linda Gray. Is that true, Dallas?
9 p.m. Nonfiction Shorts
9 p.m. Animated Shorts

Sunday, April 27
4:30 p.m. The Walk sounds like a heartwarming story. It follows a young Jewish boy after the death of his father, when he meets an older Jewish man and they strike up an unlikely friendship. Cute, right? Writer/director Aaron Wolf in attendance.
5 p.m. A Night in Old Mexico stars Robert Duvall as a Texan who would rather drive to Mexico than give up his land. You get 'em Bob.
5 p.m. 5-Day Film Quest
7 p.m. Short Film Awards Program
7 p.m. Frontera is about the dangers of Arizona-Mexico borderland. Ed Harris will be in attendance, and we do like Ed Harris.
7 p.m. The Grand Seduction is about a small fishing village that needs a doctor and pulls out all the stops to charm the big-wig doc who unwittingly takes the job.

Full schedule here. Will you attend?

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