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We're bending over backward and sweating through our yoga pants for you, Dallas. For this list of Dallas' best karma palaces, Katie Womack and I combined our yogi knowledge and crawled out of child's pose to try new studios. We downward dogged for days on end to present you with the following round up of the city's best yoga studios. Namaste, Dallas.

-Lauren Smart

Bikram Yoga Dallas
Be prepared to sweat. And sweat. And sweat some more. If you're looking for some seriously hot yoga, look no further than Bikram Yoga Dallas. This yoga studio does one thing and one thing really well: 90-minute Bikram-style classes in a huge studio with the heat turned up to 105 degrees. Each class follows the exact same sequence of 26 yoga poses and two breathing exercises led by a variety of headset-microphone-wielding, always-enthusiastic Bikram-trained instructors.

On a typical weekday, BYD offers a dozen Bikram classes between their two locations (West Village and Lakewood), the earliest starting at 5:30am and the latest beginning at 8:15pm. With these classes offered throughout the day, there's no excuse not to sweat your guts out no matter how bizarre or busy your schedule. You'll need to bring your own yoga mat and towel: both are offered on a complimentary basis for your first class, but after that mat and towel rentals are $2 a pop. You'll want your own anyway. Because sweat!

-Drink water. Lots of it. Before class, during class and after class.
-Don't overdress. It's really hot, so wear as little as possible. Don't stress showing some extra skin. You'll see people practicing yoga in next to nothing. Did I mention it's hot in there?
-This is not the kind of studio you just pop into once in a while. A single class will set you back $20. This studio cultivates dedicated, committed members and they have plenty of motivational challenges to help you be consistent.

Price: You can try unlimited classes for the first month for $49. After that, unlimited yoga for one person on auto-pay is $99 a month. A variety of family packages and discounts for students and military personnel are also available.

Locations: Lakewood (6333 E. Mockingbird Lane #253) and West Village (3600 McKinney Avenue #200)

--Katie Womack

Karmany Yoga

Karmany Yoga
Want to try out some yoga but feeling a little non-committal? Karmany yoga is the perfect no-strings-attached studio. There are no packages, plans or contracts to navigate. You simply show up, sign in and pay for the class you take. There's a suggested donation of $15 per class, but if that is outside your financial reach, you're asked to just pay what you can.

This little donation-based studio has a lot of heart, great instructors and a welcoming vibe. You can bring your own mat or borrow one at no additional cost. There are a limited number of classes to choose from - usually just two to four per day. The style of yoga offered varies based on instructor and includes Ashtanga, Power Flow, Barre and Iyengar.

-This is a great place to catch a class on the fly or try out a few different styles of yoga to see what suits you.
-The name is no joke - there's a lot of a good karma flowing in and out of this place. It has a homey, welcoming atmosphere and fantastic instructors.
-It's hard to figure out how to make a habit of this place, although you might want to after you check it out. There are a limited number of classes offered, and the pay-by-class method can add up quickly.

Price: Suggested donation is $15 per class.

Locations: Dallas (5014 McKinney Ave.) and Fort Worth (2735 S Hulen St.)

--Katie Womack

Super Yoga Palace

Super Yoga Palace
Super Yoga Palace belongs in its Deep Ellum neighborhood. The studio is as quirky as its surroundings. On the back wall a bright pink mural greets yogis of all levels and your classmates won't look like walking Lululemon ads. The instructors are warm and friendly, helping advanced students reach headstands and lightly pushing beginners to their first tree pose. When owner Jessica Jordan teaches, she sometimes recites Sanskrit mantras, which creates a zen atmosphere that's almost spiritual.

Jordan, who happens to be a member of The Polyphonic Spree, keeps the vibes flowing in the space with good music to accompany the deep stretch of the classes. At 6 p.m. Monday nights, the studio hosts Yoga on Vinyl, where everyone is encouraged to bring records to class, in hopes their album will be randomly selected for class music. It's a groovy way to spend a Monday night.

-The studio can get pretty warm, so dress lightly and bring lots of water.
-It's not easy. Come to workout and be prepared to leave sore.

Price: $10 suggested donation, cash or credit.

Location: 2803 Taylor St.

--Lauren Smart

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Thank you for writing this.  My wife is looking to get back into yoga and this was really helpful as a starting place for finding a studio she will like.


What about American Power Yoga?


Tsada Yoga at Southside Lamar?

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Sunstone Yoga also has a milder version of "Fire 60" called "Spark" - good for aging cube dwellers with multiple accumulated injuries 


@daniellelatta I agree! Gaia is amazing! Yogasport is awesome people but it smells like feet... :-/


@daniellelatta  agree!  Big obvious miss to not have gaia, I've tried many in this article and rate gaia at the top

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