10 Songs from Animated Films that Are Better than "Let it Go"

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It's everywhere. The horribly catchy Oscar-winning song from the cartoon film that everyone saw except you. Until last year, Disney hadn't made a movie anyone cared about in over a decade. When Frozen came out, no one could possibly have predicted its quick rise to ubiquity. But now you can't escape the masses of preteens, toddlers and adults belting in zombie-like unison, "The cold never bothered me anyway."

It's not even a very good song, the lyrics pander and the melody is one-note. Sure, I couldn't write it, but even the songwriters admit that some of the lyrics sound like they were written by a drag queen. Let's step back in time, shall we? To the days of Elton John writing the music to The Lion King or Alan Menken's stunning compositions for Beauty and the Beast. The next time you find yourself trapped in an icy vortex of "Let it Go" on repeat, here are 10 better songs from animated films to melt away the brain freeze.

"Tale as Old as Time" from Beauty and the Beast
Tell me this doesn't send you back to the good old days of childhood, before the liberal media taught you that Disney princesses were terrible feminists and the princes practically invented misogyny. This song is absolutely gorgeous: the understated piano melody, with the sweeping flutes and the sweet lyrics sung by Angela Lansbury's dear old Mrs. Potts.

Just Around the River Bend - Extended Clip on Disney Video
"Just Around the River Bend" from Pocahontas
I'm not here to debate the muddied historical facts I learned from Pocahontas. We're talking song quality. This adventurous anthem contains the rising melodies that hooked millions upon millions of children on the Disney brand. Judy Kuhn's (not Lea Salonga's as previously stated) silky voice floats between the bursts of symphonic magic.

Kiss the Girl - Clip - The Little Mermaid on Disney Video
"Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid
Because Sebastian is one of the best animated characters ever written.

"A Whole New World" from Aladdin
Two rebellious teenagers flying into the night on a magic carpet. Perhaps the only Disney song that is sung too often at karaoke. Dare I say, it's one of the most stunning duets ever written.

"Once Upon a December" from Anastasia
This is one princess who wasn't owned by Disney. This 20th Century Fox flick imagined the life of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia if she had survived the execution of her family, as some folktales claimed.

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'Somewhere Out there' from 'An American Tail' is great too.


I realize that actually knowing what you're talking about is difficult, and that doing research is essentially impossible when you're a journalist with access to the Internet, but PLEASE try a little harder next time.

Judy Kuhn is the singing voice of Pocahontas.  Not "Lea Solanga" (whose name is actually spelled "Salonga").

You, Lauren Smart, win the award for the least-capable and least-professional journalist of the day.


@whiteswallowtx  A bit rough on the criticism, don't you think? Would you really consider this journalism? 

As far as the list, Journey's "Open Arms" was in Heavy Metal. "I believe I can fly" from Space Jam, and "Whistle while you work" from Snow White. 


@whiteswallowtx  Oh my goodness, my Disney knowledge failed me on this very important list I wrote. Thank you for knowing more about animated films than me. She was Jasmine and Mulan, NOT Pocahontas. How embarrassing! 

It has been corrected above (yay, the Internet!) and I alerted everyone of my previous mistake. 

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