Seven Homes in Dallas You Will (Probably) Never Own

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9639 Hollow Way Rd.
There's a rather steep drop off with this Preston Hollow home. If I were to tap into the knowledge I have as a recently self-appointed real estate aficionado, I would admit that this one does seem $6 million less impressive than the previous homes. Only six bedrooms? What is this, Detroit? No, it's not. It's Dallas, by god, where D Magazine tells its readers what $2 million buys you. And if we're being honest, Hollow Way, those $2 million homes look as impressive as you do.

That wallpaper though...

4650 Meadowood Rd.
This house is situated in a "park like setting." And while I'm not sure what that means, it does have six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and "extensive custom appointments." Again, I'm pretty lost on the lingo, but if I had $8.9 million I'd live in this house for that bright red wallpaper alone.


4511 Watauga Rd.
Take a good look at that photo and then forget it as quickly as you can. Never again will you see a fireplace next to a bathtub. Nothing says luxury quite like capping off a long day at the country club with a bubble bath, some smooth jazz and the crackle of a wood-burning fireplace. But the house costs $7.5 million, so you should probably just block out the fact that for some people in the world, that dream is a reality.

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

The upper market isn't selling so quick.

1-5mil. are getting snatched quickly.


I live in a trailer home and I have a 12 inch dick.  I don't need no stinking million dollar home.  

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Money does not equal style (or taste)


oHHHH Molly Ringwald, oops I meant underpaid journalist, must be so very hard chasing after your Andrew Mc Carthy's here in Dallas. Now go and knit yourself a stitch of a shit dress out of some used tampon wrappers and eat some bon bons like a good little underpaid journalist. Your depression has however made me want to listen to my favorite English crooner Morrissey. Thanks.


Wow it takes some skill to make an $18 mil home look that craptastic. Did Scott Reitz take those pictures?

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