Disney Voice Impersonator Singing "Let it Go" Lives in Dallas

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You've probably already seen this on the Internet this morning. Because, Monday. Trust me, we're as sick of "Let it Go" as you are. Last week I made it through about five seconds of the good looking parents annoying the shit out of their daughter before CTR-ALT-Delete. During the Oscars, I was the jerk who rewound John Travolata's flub, laughed and then fast forwarded through Adele Dazeem's performance.

So why am I posting this in a blog otherwise devoted to fine art and highbrow stuff? It turns out Brian Hull is a 22-year-old vocal performance student at Dallas Baptist University and even if the opening piano notes make me wish for frozen ears, we think this guy's pretty cool. I'll admit it, he made me hate the song a little bit less.

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