Five Porn Stars Who Tried to Make the Leap from XXX to Recording Artist

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Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights gets pulled out of the nightstand drawer this weekend as Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.) gives it a 35-mm big-screen run this Friday through Sunday. Several of the film's funniest moments involve drug-addled cocksman Dirk Diggler's attempts to record "You Got The Touch" and "Feel My Heat," only to forfeit the master tapes when he's unable to pay off the studio.

Like much of Anderson's film, these cringe-inducing scenes resonate thanks to their basis in real-life events. Outside of cocaine addiction, there are two default pursuits for adult film actors chafing at the daily grind of pornography: roles in B movies and music. More specifically, dance music. Ever since XXX diva Andrea True struck porno chic gold with "More, More, More," countless hardcore stars have attempted to exchange one 12-inch for another, and -- with the notable exception of Throbbing Gristle's Cosey Fanni Tutti -- the results have remained embarrassingly flaccid.

Here are the five most notable forays into the medium. Although, if their performers had never had sex on screen, most of these songs would have sunk to the bottom of the musical hot tub ages ago.

5. Ron Jeremy

Despite being a competent musician with an apparent willingness to appear in any music video he's offered, retired porn icon Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy was a good 20 years into his career when he recorded his one and only record, the 1996 Miami Bass single "Freak of the Week" with DJ Polo. Ron actually delivers two whole verses. And if Miami Bass fans are being honest with themselves, he's not much worse than many of his non-porn contemporaries. The video for "Freak ..." is a veritable who's who of '90s D-list celebrities including Joey Buttafuoco, Corey Feldman and John Wayne Bobbitt (star of the Jeremy helmed XXX films John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut and Frankenpenis).

4. Marilyn Chambers

Former Ivory Snow model turned adult film star, Marilyn Chambers was a genuinely talented actor and singer who never managed to wash away the taint of the porn industry. Chambers recorded music for skin flicks like Up N' Coming and Insatiable and released the disco single "Benihana" in 1976 (after being suggested to producers by financier/Benihana restaurateur, Rocky Aoki). Radio airplay was largely nonexistent and "Benihana" quickly faded into cut-out bin obscurity. It resurfaced briefly on the soundtrack of David Cronenberg's film Rabid (1977), wherein Marilyn plays a woman who develops a blood sucking orifice in her armpit after an experimental skin graft goes horribly wrong.

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The better list would be "5 Singers That Tried To Get Into The Porn Business".


 Soggy Bottom Boys? Yeah, that's about enough internet for me today.


I can't believe you guys missed the biggest hit of the bunch. Andrea True with "More, More, More"...


He only watched the videos.

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