17 Awesome Things To Do in Dallas this Weekend, March 20 - 23

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The Bach and Wing
A few times a month, Open Classical takes over various spaces in Dallas and charms the hell out of people with a modern take on classical music. This is one of the biggest shows they've done yet, complete with tap dance extraordinaire's Rhythmic Souls. The Bach and Wing - Live Classical Music Tap Dance Extravaganza. happens at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Latino Cultural Center, 2600 Live Oak St. Tickets are $20 at openclassical.org.
Merry Fuhrer's Venus Envy

F! Cancer Benefit
It's an F'ing Party Tour stops in Fort Worth with a big concert that's number one goal is to kick cancer's ass. The big party happens 8 p.m. Saturday at The Grotto, 517 University Drive, and features local groups Mix Magyk, SoBE LASH, and Kites and Boomerangs. Tickets are $8.

Surrealism of the 21st Century
Dada didn't die. Painters are still painting with a surrealist bent and some of this work comes together in LuminArte Gallery's new exhibition, Surrealism and the 21st Century, which opens 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday with a free reception.

Ware:Wolf:Haus' The Last Resort
Trinity Groves has a little bit of everything. There's food, there's theater, there's art, there's music. Now, thanks to Ware:Wolf:Haus, the experimental gallery space at 425 Bedford St., there's a musician-in-residence. This weekend, the gallery throws its first big dance party with a concert from George Quartz, who's part musician, part performance artist. Party starts at 10 p.m. Saturday.

Sunday, March 23

Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

I'll just assume you're a better person than me. You're probably nicer. You're probably in better shape. You're probably running the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on Sunday. I'll be trapped in my apartment drinking bloody marys, waving to you as you run by. You look good in those short shorts, Dallas. Last minute registration is $175 and the race starts at City Hall Plaza at 8 a.m. Drinking starts at my apartment shortly thereafter.

Alessio Bax Recital
One of the great musicians living among you is Alessio Bax. A world-renowned pianist, he's a visiting professor at Southern Methodist University, which is where he will tickle the keys Sunday. It's the same program he'll play at Lincoln Center next week, so your ears will be lucky to hear it. Tickets start at $7 and are available by calling 214-768-2787.

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