17 Awesome Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend, Feb. 14 to 16

That's right, Crispin Glover wants to be your Valentine. Your favorite cinematic oddball spends two nights at Texas Theatre this weekend.

Want more? Fine. How about a massive burlesque festival starring international talent? There's also art, a robot opera, live flamenco, a silent film set to live music, comedy and loads more. So c'mon, you freaky lovers and lucky singles: Let's do this thing.

Share this list with your party crew and click on the headlines for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one tickling Crispin Glover.)

Friday 2.14
Thin Line Film Festival -- Denton's biggest film festival grows larger during its 2014 incarnation, 'cause the doc-heavy program added a music offshoot. Bands, films and parties round-out the five-day rager, so plan to spend a good chunk of time in Little D through February 16.

Pablo Francisco at Addison Improv
(through Sunday) -- Will the real Pablo Francisco please stand up? He's worked the circuit for more than a decade, gaining a dedicated following through his channeling. His most famous impression is Movie Trailer Guy, but Francisco's got a whole body stack of personalities crammed in that dome piece of his. Let the gang entertain you during his four-day Improv run.

Dallas Burlesque Festival -- Dallas does a lot of things well, and our burlesque scene tops that list. We see that annually during the Dallas Burlesque Festival, which also pulls in talents from around the world and other (lessor) 49 states. It runs three nights at House of Blues.

Back Door Comedy Club -- Aaron Aryanpur headlines this comedy showcase, with support from Linda Stogner and friends. Forgot to get your babe one of those gift-things? No sweat. Your $35 ticket scores you a box of chocolates and a glass of Champagne: Just pretend you planned it all out.

Pretty Things Peep Show at the Kessler -- Is there such a thing as "old timey titties?" Maybe, but the preferred billing is "vintage vaudeville." Pretty Things doesn't just shake what their mammas gave 'em, they also walk on glass, swallow swords and juggle chainsaws. Yeah, it's THAT kind of Valentine's.


Death and the Powers (AKA, the mother effin' ROBOT OPERA!!!) -- Developed at MIT by Todd Machover, this new opera has everyone talking in binary code. With a hyper-modern score and a libretto centered around a mainframe afterlife, you'll want to snuggle with your favorite cyborg and watch the world fall apart. ROBOTS!

Peter Ligon: It's Gettin' Dark, Too Dark to See at The Safe Room -- Whether painting, printmaking or drawing, Ligon digs into his visual material, providing an oddly attentive look at a thing you missed. For his newest show, opening upstairs inside Texas Theatre this Friday, he's exhibiting work painted at night. You'll see shapes encumbered or amplified by limited lighting along with the beautiful messiness it spurs. It's free and runs from 6 to 10 p.m.

The Rise of Flamenco at Dallas City Performance Hall -- Dallas Observer Mastermind and all-around powerhouse Delilah Buitron doesn't just dance flamenco -- she seduces. If you haven't seen her yet, just buy a damn ticket. She'll perform this work with the Dallas Flamenco Festival cast to live music by the Orchestra of New Spain. (Also on Saturday.)

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Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Death and the Powers - mildly disappointing; strong performers, surprising use of a countertenor but weak material and weak libretto    

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