Ten Simply Gorgeous Photos From Artopia

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Photo by Catherine Downes

On Saturday night about 1620 of us got together at Artopia.

We drank things. We shook things. We absorbed Dallas' creativity. Picking a favorite part of the night is impossible: Downstairs Magician Confetti Eddie and sidekick the Lovely Karleena were show-stoppers, and the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group captivated us with their "Dirty Filthy Diamonds."

Upstairs Juilliard-trained violinist Richmond Punch emoted beautifully while fashion models stalked the runway. There was Air Graffiti, an award ceremony for this year's Mastermind winners, giant Lite-Brites, silk screening, artful projections and live painting by local talents.

No wonder Artopia sold-out: It was one helluva party.

Here's some highlight shots from our own on-staff artist, photographer Catherine Downes.

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Photo by Catherine Downes

Photo by Catherine Downes

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