Richard Dreyfuss, Geek God, Will Speak at Dallas Sci-Fi Expo

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Compliments of Comic Con
Comic Con announced yesterday that Close Encounters and Jaws star, Richard Dreyfuss, will headline February's Dallas Sci-Fi expo, happening at the Irving Convention Center. He's an uncommon "get" for one of these gigs, which typically cull television celebs and other non-Academy Award winners for their meet-and-greets.

Dreyfuss is different.

He grabbed his Best Actor Oscar in 1978 for The Goodbye Girl and was nominated again in 1996 for his leading role in Mr. Holland's Opus. But it's his spots on Weeds, as nerdy scientist who knows better in Jaws and C'MON: Close Encounters, that made him a cinematic geek god. Apparently he had a little extra time the weekend of February 8 and 9, because the American Graffiti star will discuss his career in a Saturday Q&A panel.

Filling out the rest of the Sci-Fi expo is a fun, but still more conventional cast of characters. There's a Lee Majors/Lindsay Wagner pairing, which is nice. Your Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man action figures are basically married by now. Might as well get 'em signed together.

Karl Urban, who played Bones on the Abrams reboot reps for the Federation and CW Green Arrow star Stephen Amell pops by. There's a Warehouse 13 reunion. A visit from the seventh doctor, Sylvester McCoy. A Peter Weller/Angie Bolling Robocop double-bill, face-time with Cylon-lover Aaron Douglas and a visit by everyone's favorite local Wookiee, Peter Mayhew.

See the full list and get tickets here.

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@Sotiredofitall Don't forget Ghost Ship and R.E.D; he was great in those as well.  In addition, Richard Dreyfuss was in R.E.D. as well.


Actually, I am a little concerned, and dis-heartened, to see that the editors/proofreaders didn't catch the mistake about Peter Weller/Lindsay Wagner.  It should be Lee Majors/Lindsay Wagner for 6 Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman.  Peter Weller played RoboCop, whole different ball game.  Please fix the error or add an addendum acknowledging the mistake.


At least Dreyfuss doesn't have the shame of being the guest of honor at another USA Film Festival. One every twenty years should be enough.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Karl Urban: Much more cred than just Bones  - "Almost Human" - "Chronicles of Riddick" - "Dredd" - "Lord of the Rings" 


@tigercub_tx You think we have proofreaders?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's adorable. Sorry for the typo. We'll fix it so you can sleep better.


@Sotiredofitall@Jamie_L.Actually, I left it on a little footbridge inside Mordor. Pick it up whenever is convenient for you. (Don't worry, I've called ahead and let them know you're coming.)

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