Crispin Glover Is Coming to the Texas Theatre

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The creepiest boy-faced actor working today will be at the Texas Theatre in mid February for a two-part show. Crispin Glover is coming to make your Valentine's weekend a little more magical, but in a weird way.

On Saturday, February 15 and Sunday, February 16, Glover will perform dramatic narration of illustrated books (for children maybe? Hard to say). After each one-hour performance Texas Theatre will screen one of Glover's two films, It Is Fine. Everything is Fine! the first night and What Is It? the second. Tickets for each night are $20 and a two night pass is $35, and all are available here.

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While there's not formally any kind of costume party happening, there's certainly nothing to discourage you from attending dressed as Willard or that villain/momentary-Drew-Barrymore-love-interest from Charlie's Angels. Either way, you probably shouldn't yell "McFly" at any point.

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The Q&A session at the end of Sunday night's show was fascinating. Mr. Glover is a very thoughtful man who's really considered the medium.

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