17 Awesome Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend, January 23 to 26

STAG! Comedy, our favorite Austin sketch troupe, slays punchlines like malnourished dinosaurs. (See Saturday.)

Break out the paper cocktail umbrellas, Dallas. Do it. I'll wait. [Whistles. Stares vacantly out window.] Got 'em? Good. Stick one in your coffee, 'cuz this weekend is loaded up with life's best stuff.

Free pie? Sure. How about a LARPing movie and a LARP Metal band? Yup.

A fantastic sketch comedy show? Art Openings? Museum soirees? Parties in breweries? TECMO battles in bars? A visit by Cousin Itt? Face time with indie film darling Paker Posey? [Long inhale]

Yeah, bro. All that.

Fill your gas tanks and your wine bra: You'll need both to conquer this pending bender. While you're at it, share this list with your friends and click event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one on a dinosaur hunt.)

Thursday 1.23
Free Pie Day -- This is why you grew up. Norma's celebrates this most delicious holiday with -- you guessed it -- A FREE SLICE OF PIE. Now high-five your inner 10-year-old, because you've got car keys and she doesn't.


The Knights of Badassdom
at Texas Theatre
-- Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Thought LARPing went out of style? Wrong, so wrong. Thanks to a fortunate roll of a 20-sided die, Dallas gets a one-night screening of The Knights of Badassdom. It's a story about friendship, role play and unity through demonic conquering. LARP Metal band (totally real) Hack and Slashers also perform.
Automotive Prosthetic Book Launch -- Former Dallas Observer art critic Charissa Terranova is a treasured mind. We seek out her critiques regarding aesthetics' mechanics on Glasstire, and today we get a heavier dose of Terranova because her new book, Automotive Prosthetic, launches at RE Gallery. Go buy the thing and have it signed. Read more about her new publication here.

YOLO Solo Festival -- This awesomely-named fest celebrates one actor, one-act plays. It was drummed up by our own theater critic, Elaine Liner, and through Sunday you'll see everything from Observer Mastermind Jeff Swearingen's The Last Castrato, the story of a talentless man born without a penis, to 13-year-old Kennedy Waterman's Allergic Me, the actress' comedic take on living with a very serious peanut allergy.

The Art of Portraiture Photography at Kettle -- Dallas Observer alumn and current Brookhaven professor Daniel Rodrigue, moderates tonight's free art talk at Kettle. Pick the brains of local photographers Erica Felicella, Hal Samples, Richard Sharum and Oh Jee Nam and learn how to look deeper than someone's "best side."

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