The Top 10 Dogs of the Icepocalypse

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Mattie fucking loves golf, you guys.

The icepocalypse is seemingly on its way out. While it was no joke for a lot of people, for some it was an excuse to frolic in the ice with their confused pets, some of whom seemed deeply unsure about the sudden white coating everything had received. We asked Twitter to send us photos of befuddled mutts.

See. We're no liars.

Without further ado, here are Dallas' Dogs of the Icepocalypse, the brave defenders of Big D from the end of the world.

10, at top of page

We're a big fan of Mattie, a dog that is extraordinarily serious about golf. This is despite the ice and the golf ball being the same color, rendering the playing of golf ridiculous. Mattie doesn't know this. He's a dog.


Nola is making what we presume to be a plant pot her own. Undeterred by the ice, she strides through Dallas ready to defend us all from the apocalypse. God bless you Nola.


If there's one dog that enjoyed the icepocalypse, it's Speck. He enjoyed it almost too much.


A more pensive photo this time, as an unnamed dog surveys the landscape that used to be his domain. No longer is it his kingdom. The icepocalypse has taken it. The dog looks on.


Some dogs are prepared to let the Icepocalypse win.

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Broker you gotta be dead right on there!...... lmao frostbite? If thats the case then would have your dog on the ice ya fucktards.... dfw people are unbelieveably soft & weak these days!


dog boots? Obviously the owner's a typical dfw pussie


So cute! Damn, forgot to send a pic of my pups! Too late? Come on, you can "update". You know you want to update with more cuteness!


shoot, I forgot to send mine in, oh well.  Dogs on ice is epic.  Mine were sliding all over the backyard


@ComercialBroker You walk barefoot on the ice and see how your feet feel. It's the same for dogs. Their paws can get frostbite.

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