If You're Lazy and Rich Enough, Uber Will Deliver Your Christmas Tree Tomorrow

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Got money to burn and a massive backlog of Elder Skelter episodes to get through? Uber understands.

Tomorrow, December 5, the car service pairs up with Home Depot to sling trees to Dallas' most lethargic. That means you can have a fir delivered for $135 with just a tap on your smartphone screen. (Yes that includes a stand, because digging one out of the garage would require abandoning your couchbed/snack kingdom, and nobody wants that.)

Here's what Uber has to say about it:

On Thursday, a Christmas Tree icon will appear in the Uber app for users located in each of the 10 markets. The icon will be in the vehicle selector at the bottom of the screen alongside standard Uber offerings for that city. If a user would like to purchase a tree and stand on-demand, and has an active Uber account, they'll simply select the tree icon and await a confirmation message.

When the tree is on the way, the user will see a photo of an Uber ambassador in a Santa hat (rather than the standard Uber partner driver photo) and the name displayed will be holiday-themed like "Rudolph" or "Frosty." Users will be able to the track their tree through the Uber app.

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So if you are bitter enough and poor enough to take the job, the Observer will let you write hateful trash and call it an article.I am sorry that we don't all knit our own clothes out of hemp and have an apartment full of "eclectic" garbage finds we call furniture; but $135 is not what most people would call a big expense and there are many reasons other than laziness that someone might need a tree delivered. I really hope the Observer starts hiring non-trolls with more vision than your article demonstrates you having. I can just imagine the little giggle you had to yourself as you bashed all those yuppy BMW drivers. Grow up before posting your scribbling as an article.Thanks


If you know the right Lyft driver you can get this done much cheaper. 

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