Cut Through the Crap on Etsy With Our Guide to Gifts from the Heart of Dallas

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"Live Long and PawsPurr" from Rayguns and Robots
Despite the fact that etsy has officially been infiltrated by crap, there are still a few gems out there. Some even call Dallas their home. Here's a list of the top etsy Dallas vendors that'll make you proud to share your tap water with them.

They're listed in no particular order with the exception of the first three that you've probably already heard of ... unless you've been living under a white rock or something. (A Dallas pun?!? You're welcome.)

Dowdy Studio
Located over behind goodfriend, this T-shirt shop has quirky, cool designs and best of all? They're not printed on shit Anvil shirts. Pictured above is men's Mer-Jack, $26.

f is for frank
At shops around Oak Cliff and the occasional craft gathering, you'll find f is for frank statement rings, necklaces and earrings. In their etsy shop, you'll find ornaments and drawer pulls and that is why you shop online. Well, that and the freedom of no pants. "Oak Cliff , That's My Hood" Ornament, $25.

bee things
Bee things is an etsy OG. They've been around since forever (2007) and still make some of the finest geometric bird prints you can buy. Now with patterns!! Plus they'll keep you from having shitty walls, and for that we thank them. Houndstooth warbler, 16x20, $40.

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schultzybeckett topcommenter

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Schultz y@


Certainly.  Who wouldn't want a cat dressed as Spock to grace the mantle over the fireplace in his (or hers) 1,467,983,589 square-foot mansion? 

I think I'll just keep my sled to myself and call it "Rosebud".  Remember guys: Be sure to keep it out of the bonfires when the zombie apocalypse hits town. 

If they do burn the sled, chant this: Glow and be Phosphorous.

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