And Now Some Dallas Cowboys Christmas Decorations, Because That's a Thing

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"My Dallas Cowboys Christmas tree!!"

Usually for our #Dallas Instagram weekly recap we feature events, places, food, fashion, even pets. Last week, however, we noticed a trend: dudes with highly stylized hair. So we went with it. We noticed another trend this week while scrolling through your 'grams: Dallas Cowboys Christmas decor. Sure, we know that it's tradition to put up your Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but we didn't realize how many of those trees doubled as shimmering shrines to our beloved football team.

"Love this time of year! It's all about Jesus Christ, family gatherings, and football!!:) the family finally gave in and I got the best tree in the world!"

"Our Cowboys Christmas wreath :))"

"My first Christmas tree off on my own! Dallas Cowboy blue with a silver streamer wrapped around. Also Dallas Cowboy ornaments!"

"#chirstmastree #cowboynation #dallascowboys #familytime #lovinlife #gooddays #goodtimes"

"A #cowboys #christmas!"

"#christmastree #dallas #cowboys #dallascowboys #cowboysnation"

"Dallas cowboy Christmas tree @ my Aunts :D"

"Christmas is here at our house ... and the theme is Dallas Cowboys :)"

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