UNT Is Opening a Dallas Gallery Space. You'll Never Drive to Denton Again.

Vincent Falsetta
Conduit repped UNT prof Vincent Falsetta will have work in the inaugural exhibition.
As a UNT alumn, Denton is dear to me. That magical, distant land is the type of place where you can still find a good cheap breakfast. Plus, UNT recently hired Ruth West, an egghead of thrilling proportions, who's establishing a shared future for the arts, new media and technology departments. And of course Denton's got that retro smoking policy, so going to a show there feels like crawling inside a kitschy, time-trapped lung.

Starting next month we'll stay in better contact with UNT's artful accomplishments, without the drive, thanks to an expansion into downtown Dallas. They've restructured and enlarged the UNT Artspace Dallas facility, which previously served as exhibition area for the school's vast fashion collection. It'll still do a bit of that, but is increasing its scope to flaunt visual art being produced by UNT students and educators.

For the inaugural exhibition, running from December 5, 2013 to January 11, 2014, you'll see new work by four faculty fellows of the UNT Institute for the Advancement of the Arts: Dornith Doherty, Vincent Falsetta, Robert Jessup and Lesli Robertson. Being selected for this show came with a perk: each artist received a chill semester off from teaching, allowing him to "focus on research and to work on projects that are capturing national attention."

UNT Artspace Dallas is on the first floor of University Center Building, at 1901 Main Street in Dallas, and it carries weird hours.

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Never go to Denton?  That absolutely lessens the experience.  Discovering art of any kind in Denton is experiencing art inside of art!  Denton's entire sense of place exudes an original, independent, creative vibe that is largely absent when you take the art out of its heart.  Do yourself a favor...don't miss Denton.

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