These Seven Dallas Movie Theaters Will Show Die Hard. Yippee-ki-yay.

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We can all agree that Die Hard is more than just an amazing holiday movie: It's also the greatest action film ever made where an off-duty New York cop becomes ensnared in a high-stakes monetary heist, disguised as a grand act of terrorism, housed in a glass-windowed office building on an otherwise calm Christmas Eve in Los Angeles.

I think we can also agree that Die Hard II is bearable, and any sequels beyond that are simply unwatchable.

Disagree? Proof: The guy who smashed my car window took John McTiernan's original from my boxset, then left the others littered on the floor mats. Even on meth he made a logical decision.

If you want to see Bruce Willis scamper barefoot through elevator shafts and say "yippee-ki-yay, mother fucker" on the big screen, you're in luck. Seven area movie houses are showing the thing. Here's the schedule.

Studio Movie Grill Dallas (11170 N. Central Expressway, Dallas), Spring Valley (13933 N. Central Expressway, Dallas), Plano (4721 W. Park Blvd.), Arlington (225 Merchants Row, Arlington) and Lewisville (1600 S. Stemmons Freeway) -- Thursday, December 5.

Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.) -- In 35mm from December 13 to the 15.

Alamo Drafthouse, Richardson -- Christmas Eve, December 24th at 7 p.m. Alamo tells us they'll be shooting off pyrotechnics in the theater for their screening. Just sayin'.

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ChrisYu topcommenter

Jimmy Stewart never had to call anybody a motherfucker to make a great Christmas movie. far as I can recall.


The original "Die Hard" --- simply the best Christmas movie ever made.


7-way-Die-Hard-off!  its on!


@ChrisYu BUT COULD YOU IMAGINE IF HE DID?!? Because now I am, and it's hilarious.


@Barak Excellent. You guys handle things on your end. I'll be over here waiting, making fists with my toes.

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