15 Absolutely Crazy Skateboarding Photos from Boneless One 3

Photos by camera god, Mike Brooks

Jeff Phillips is more than just the biggest pro-skater to come out of Dallas: He's one of the sport's legacy groundbreakers. His 1993 suicide has never been forgotten, especially by the organizers of Saturday's tribute event Boneless One 3.

It culled huge talents like Dave Allen, Jake Brown and more to Overground Skatepark to perform Jeff's signature moves on a world-class vert ramp. In addition to keeping Phillips' spirit alive, the event attracted attention and cash for suicide prevention efforts.

We sent photographer Mike Brooks to capture the fast-paced scene in stills and he came back with one of the best photo collections we've ever seen. Narrowing it down to 15 was nearly impossible, so visit our slideshow to see the rest.

And remember, no matter how hard it gets out there: Hang on.

All photos by Mike Brooks

Photos by Mike Brooks

All photos by Mike Brooks

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