The 11 Best Photos from Art Con 9

All photos by Mike Brooks

Art Con 9 hit a cultural tipping point this year, attracting thousands of Dallas residents to a warehouse on Singleton Boulevard. DJs Sarah Jaffe and emptycylinder kept the collective heart rate up between auctions rounds while headliners Zhora and New Fumes circulated their own energies through the front of the house.

Best of all, since the cash raised benefits My Possibilities, I overheard more than one person someone say, "I'm getting another drink: It's for charity."

We won't have the final numbers in for a while, but once they're crunched and released we'll let you know how far your collective contributions went. Until then, let's look back at Saturday's biggest party through these fantastic photographs, taken by Mike Brooks.

All photos by Mike Brooks

All photos by Mike Brooks

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Yea! I didn't get to see my piece go to auction, so its nice to see it being admired by the auctioneer


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Merrick in attendance.  Stars - They're Just Like Us!

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