Your Garden Gnome Sucks -- The Yard Art of Little Forest Hills

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Photos by Allison Perkins
Hand Garden: This is literally a potted garden of ceramic hands. Every spring it's harvested for Lee Press-On nails.
"Keep Little Forest Hills Funky" is more than just a stoner's chant. It's actually an underground battlecry. It's the Little Forest Hills residents way of saying, "Keep your barfbag McMasions off our property." They mean it too. The neighborhood east of White Rock Lake is a quirky hodgepodge. Some streets have curbs, some don't. Some have active alleys. Other alleys are overgrown with weeds and a lone plastic chairs. Every house is different ... an expression of the artist, hippie or free spirit living inside. And the lawns? Well, the expression spills over there, too.

Here's a small, small sample of some of the interesting and unusual yard art/left behinds you'll find over in them thar hills.


Beware the Sculpture

I'm pretty sure those are iron testicles at the, congrats, it's a boy.




Made from a vintage Dillard's dressing room door, this sculpture captures sunbeams and your soul. ("Not really" to any of those things.)



I don't know why Jesus didn't save that flamingo, but he didn't. Probably because he hates Florida like the rest of us.

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I want my VW type 3 Squareback back.  I had an orange one just like the one in the garage pictured but had to give it up because we had too many cars (4).  We were living in an apartment and they had a vehicle limit.  We literally just gave it away.  Hope the new owner appreciated getting the car for nothing and is enjoying it because I miss it.  

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