(NSFW) Five Great Photos from Deadly Sins Burlesque Show

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All photos by Ed Steele

Dallas has a burlesque troupe for every personality. Ruby Revue serves up old time glam, Viva Burlesque caters dolled-up routines to themes and those Lolli Bombs like to get a little freaky. But what if you're into hot wax, barbed wire, machetes, broken glass and big top spectacle -- all emceed by Satan himself? Well then you're looking for Frausun's Deadly Sins Burlesque/Boylesque Sideshow.

The latest install happened on Saturday night at Wit's End, where Deadly Sins detonated in an explosion of leather, milk and more leather. (Somebody grab the Scotchgard.) Photographer Ed Steele ventured into the scene and caught the whole thing on film. This one gets a little raw -- as will happen when Satan hosts an evening of adult-only entertainment -- so we power-blushed and posted the tamer pictures on this blog. For the rest, visit our Observer slideshow.

All photos by Ed Steele

All photos by Ed Steele

All photos by Ed Steele

All photos by Ed Steele

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