Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Will Be at the NorthPark Center Saturday

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Photo courtesy of LGEPR/Flickr

The pop star who single-handedly made The Dukes of Hazzard much worse than it could have been, and her sister, will be our neck of the woods Saturday.

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson will make a public appearance at NorthPark Center on North Central Expressway, according to a post on the Jessica Simpson Collection's Facebook page. The two will be in the Dillard's store from 1-4 p.m. Saturday signing autographs and meeting with their fans.

The pop sensation sisters are coming to town to promote Jessica's new line of shoes, clothes, handbags and other fashion accessories designed for Dillard's. We assume that Ashlee is there because, well, she had nothing better to do unless she's planning on launching a line of brooding makeup for Hot Topix.

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Breast reduction surgery and the passing years have not been kind to Jessica.

ChrisYu topcommenter

This is exactly what we need to get post 50th anniversary culture back on track.


I want to go so bad but I have to go to school (Cosmetology) tomorrow. I have two appointments so I can't go. I have met jessica twice before in the past, she is So beautiful & so nice. I wish I could meet Ashlee I have always wanted to meet her. 

J_A_ topcommenter

Jessica's boobs look weird in that pic.


nice innocent shot at her for no reason. not a fan but uncalled for

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