Former Stripper at Jack Ruby's Nightclub, Tammi True, Will Derobe Again at 75

Tammi, then and now. Photo by Karlo X, courtesy of CentralTrack
I fell in love with Tammi True during this year's Dallas Videofest. The subject of True Tales, a locally made documentary, True is simply charming. The film takes her back to the late '50s and early '60s, when she booted her deadbeat hubby out the door and raised those kids solo, thanks to a steady burlesque gig at the Carousel Club -- famously owned by Jack Ruby.

She was his best girl. She dated the best guys. She also lived two lives, juggling PTA meetings with bustier jiggling.

At 75 Tammi's still sharp, sassy and one of the coolest broads out there. Local burlesque troupe Ruby Revue just announced that True will join them onstage on Friday, November 29, at the House of Blues in honor of her stint at the Carousel 50 years ago.

She recently danced at the Burlesque Hall of Fame and did a guest appearance at the Dallas Burlesque Festival. Get tickets here, 'cause Tammi's still got it.

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