Fifteen Documentaries Released in 2013 That Help Explain the World

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Beekeepers in More Than Honey.
This year saw its share of incredible documentaries, but in 2013 the stand-outs are films that help flesh out the way we see the world.

Below are fifteen docs we suggest seeing, from the grisly to uplifting. Click on the name of the film to read its review.

© 2013 - Sony Pictures Classics
The Armstrong Lie is a brilliantly executed "myth-buster."

© 2013 - Drafthouse Films
The Act of Killing is a masterpiece of murder and the movies.

Photo by Gabriela Cowperthwaite - © 2013 - Magnolia Pictures
Blackfish is a vital look at orcas in captivity.

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I saw no documentaries about food, plastic or water...?  Were there no documentaries in 2013 about these subjects? If not I guess i should be complaining elsewhere. lol

There are no potentially lifechanging subjects that are more important than food and water so it's a shame there hasn't been any documentaries on this recently. Instead there is a documentary about Linsanity........ I have not seen  this but I struggle to imagine how this would help explain the world in any way whatsoever.

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