For 2014, Dallas Comic-Con Moves to Downtown Dallas

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H/T Frontburner

Get excited nerds of planet Earth. Or Endor, Hoth the Twelve Colonies -- wherever your allegiances align. Dallas Comic-Con has announced that for its May, 2014 edition, the convention will move closer, setting up camp at the Dallas Convention Center.

That means you'll no longer have to pack your hatchback full of weaponry and trek to the Irving Convention Center or some other distant suburban galaxy. You'll just roll downtown and cosplay it up in DCC's 600,000 sq. feet of space. (Small request: Please visit the DMA in your most slammin' Dr. Who garb. There's got to be a special Friends badge for that by now.)

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I thought the Dallas Convention Center did not allow weaponry of ANY kind, real or imaginary. 

That's why A-Kon can't move there, right?

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