Papa Preach: Tim League Banned Madonna from Alamo Drafthouse for Texting

A League of her own. #NailedIt
Alamo founder and reigning sheriff of Movie Town etiquette, Tim League, scolded Madonna on Twitter Sunday, banning her from all Alamo Drafthouse locations.

It was a response to a Daily Mail story that said the pop star was texting aggressively during the NYFF screening of Steve McQueen's Twelve Years A Slave. When another movie goer tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to stop, Madonna wasn't having it. The material girl hissed back "It's for work...Enslaver!" -- during a movie about actual slavery.

The Leagues are known for enforcing good manners in their theaters and made national headlines when they aired that one voicemail, oh you know the one. It's now so rooted in Texas cinema culture that it's even been parodied by sketch troupes.

Now, we checked and Madonna has never been to an Austin or Dallas Alamo, so consider this a preeminent ban. League upped the stakes further on the Alamo's Facebook page by formally challenging her to compete in the 2014 Fantastic Fest debates, which end in boxing matches.

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I'm not sure "preeminent" is the word you were actually looking for.

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